T.I. - Danny Glover (Freestyle) [paroles]

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T.I. - Danny Glover (Freestyle)

Paroles: Danny Glover (Freestyle)


Ok, cool, ok, bu, I love her

I'mma save her, yes, like Danny Glover

I'mma call my partner befo' I fuck the mother

I-Pad in the Marinelli, kiss each other

Everytime I fuck I gotta hear me in like two bitch

Boy, tha doppy whip, you need like new wrists

Ballin', call outside yo' bitch, that do this


So shawty gonna trip inside a new chip

Let me tell you what I did

And I bought a new whip

Filled it with some cue, bitch

Her day was in IG, taking a new bitch

I was in the bushes in the Valentine day

When the cake tryna see Cupid

Not the plan, gonna stack with the bands

And whateva's stacked in that Minnie Van

You pro'ly can't believe what I'm saying, my nigga

Talking South

I do some shit you pro'ly neva did in yo life

But I don't talk about it

Trust me now, nigga, cause you ain't 'bout that life

Pussy gang nigga, got a pro'lem with us?

Be the motherfucking mob and the pro'lem begins

The other leaf on me, ain't no circling that

I bet your bitch hang off the phone, you be callin' her back

Go hard as a mother fucker

Getting head from a couple broads in this motherfucka

Aint no more fuckin credit cards in this motherfucka

Bankroll 50 large wit me in the duffle