Paroles: Trover Saves The Universe

OK Take One

It's been so long since we had someone to look up to
But that's just not the case anymore
Just look up in the sky and say what the fuck though
And you'll see your hero
Bust right through that door

That's how you know Trover
Save the Universe
Don't play any other game
The other games will break your PS4

That's how you know Trover
Save the Universe
You can play it on your TV or in VR if you just want some more

It's funny as shit
Just play this game
You might see a dick
Just play this game
Reverse psychology I don't give a shit
If you just play this game
Obviously we want you to play Trover

Save the Universe
I'm not even getting paid and I'm T-Pain
I just want to say how much I love this game

And I feel like Trover Save the Universe

You'd be insane in the brain if you don't want to help us make more games like this thang
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