Talib kweli - After the rain [paroles]

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Talib kweli - After the rain

Paroles: After the rain

[Tough Talking Braggart:]
Ay boy, I got moves to make
See the hood ain't my last stop, you understand me?

Walking under Gutter Rainbows

[TTBrag:] Man fuck that noise man
[Singer:] Walkin under Gutter Rainbows
[TTBrag:] I'm a peel this popsicle stand man

[Hood Comedian:]
Yo, son said he 'bout to peel pop's testicles
[Woman starts laughing loudly] PAUSE!

[TTBrag:] Hey boy...
[Female:] C'mon son, what'chu gon' do? C'monnnn
[TTBrag:] When I make some money man
[Female:] Word, word
[TTBrag:] I'm a ball at one of your Circle Line Books
[TTBrag:] Park that motherfucker on Nostrand Avenue
[TTBrag:] Hop out and get me a muh'fuckin peach pattie
[TTBrag:] Y'knahmsayin?
[HoodCo] Word man, yo don't forget that cocoa bread son
[TTBrag:] I'm a get some rims, with rims on 'em!
[Female:] With 32, 32 rims? 32 28's?
[TTBrag:] Have you been all [unclear]
[Female:] Why you gotta bring that up?
[TTBrag:] I'll have a big ass house in the middle of the hood
[TTBrag:] E'rybody house look little, his house big and shit
[TTBrag:] That's what I'm a do
[TTBrag:] I'm a get me one of them big ass houses
[Laughter from the Hood Comedian]
[Female:] All cakin up

[Tough Talking Braggart:]
The fuck you laughin at A.D.A.?

[Hood Comedian:]

Heh, it's not funny, it's not funny

[Tough Talking Braggart:]
In my house, I'm a wear house shoes
My house shoes is gon' be heelies
I'm gonna be slidin through the crib like Usher
On the Confessional Tour and shit

[Hood Comedian:]
You lyin ass

[Singer:] Walking under Gutter Rainbows
[TTBrag:] Get money, get money
[Singer:] Walkinnnnnng, walking under Gutter Rainbows
[Female:] We gon' take over Google
[Singer:] Walkinnnnnng, walking under Gutter Rainbows
[Female:] Come up with other shit called Giggle
[Singer:] Walkinnnnnng