Talib Kweli - Every Ghetto (ft. Rapsody) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Talib Kweli - Every Ghetto (ft. Rapsody)

Every Ghetto Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced by Hi-Tek]

[Intro: Talib Kweli]

Yeah man

So I start looking out the window

I see gun store, gun store, liquor store, gun store

Where the fuck are you taking me?

[Hook: Talib Kweli]

We bout to twist it up

We bout to lift it up

We never givin' up

The startin' salary, it's hard reality

Find solidarity

We got our leaders too but where they lead us to?

Do they leave us or they see it through?

Yeah we packin' precious metals

Our shit is next level

We raise the threat level (?)

[Verse 1: Talib Kweli]

Every ghetto, every city, like (?)

They way too used to the mis (?)

How to concentrate, how to sit still

Murder rate permanent place in the top 10

We live here, these hipsters drop in

You hear them barrels cockin'

They say consciousness mean we ain't rugged

Until you get beat within an inch of it

Self made dudes don't get discovered

They actin' like you owe 'em somethin'

Homie I don't owe you nothin'

Fuck your beef

It's way too early in the mornin' for the hate

You ain't brush your teeth yet Nigga

And your toast ain't buttered

A perfect storm and the coast is flooded

First discovered and my flow got

A (?) stuttered

[Bridge: Talib Kweli]

I'm good walkin' in every ghetto around the world

The hood often embrace ya when you profound with words

I say the shit they relate to, I keep it down to Earth

Other rappers sound like they hate you, them niggas sound absurd

So when they walk through the ghetto, they get their chain snatched

They gotta talk to the ghetto to get their chain back

It's like an open air prison and it remain packed

Nothin' but straight facts

[Verse 2: Rapsody]

Any vibe for the people by the people

Ya-ya, giddy up

Who got the juice now?

Snatch it out your kitty's (?)

Gave us watered down

This one for Basquiat

They be brushin' with death, uh

Is this the art of war for cops?

We double-dutchin' duckin' shots

Every home ain't got a Pops

Every man ain't sellin' rocks

A different will to win here

Different from switchin' cars

They pray that we switch our bars

To a fiend from a metaphor

Worldstar, Worldstar

Lotta love and this life hard

Got us prayin' like "oh God"

Illegally thievery think (?) easily

Frustrated we hate it

That's why we scream out nigga we made it

It's an odd future they ain't know we was all some creators

Somethin' from nothin'

Was told Kings walk and man you frontin'

For the people and by the people but them over money

I'm on my Viola Davis here, workin' for justice

How you get away with murder?

Be a cop and just kill us

How we supposed to not catch feelin's?

Innocent lives, boy we got kids in these buildin's

I'm on my Viola Davis, it's what you call a defense

For all the drama they gave us

I'm spittin' Shonda Rhimes with

Too high for you like ganja

And (?) with

You still blacker than Hamptons

Still black and be rich

Spread lovin' just the Brooklyn way, it's universal

360 and the nine lives, woah

[Hook: Talib Kweli]

We bout to live it up

We bout to give it up

We bout to twist it up

The startin' salary, it's hard reality

Find solidarity

We got our leaders too but do they leave us?

Or they lead us and they see it through?

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