Talib Kweli - New Leaders (ft. The Underachievers) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Talib Kweli - New Leaders (ft. The Underachievers)

New Leaders Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Talib Kweli]
Welcome to the new age, where they're thirsty for that Kool-Aid
Thirsty for first in that page, really thirsty just to be fake
Be the first to hate what you say, tryna diss you calling you "gay"
Such an urgency to express himself but really nothing to say
Don't fuck with us too tough, get high [?] do drugs
Like spit me out I'm chewed up [?]
I know you up in this club, I know you don't give a fuck
You told me what you don't like, you made that clear, now what do you love?
It's gotta be more so is the life of the rich some people gotta be poor
I've been through a door, I will not sell you a dream that's what the lottery for
The music is clay, I shaped it, I molded it
Like it was pottery or the mouth with the law
Twist it like Robert Duvall [?]
Free like the diamond you found on the floor

Enough about y'all, now back to me
Ain't no academic leave, I'm not faculty
These new slaves ain't ready for my masterpiece
So when they hear me rap it's catastrophe
Cause a casualty so casually
They mistake what I do for having beef
I don't actually wish anybody harm
Now stretch your arms and clap for me

[Hook x2: Talib Kweli]
Wake up, cause no you're not dreaming
Catch up with us, cause we leaving
Got enough followers, I'm lookin' for some new leaders

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