Tech N9ne - Breathe [paroles]

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Tech N9ne - Breathe

Paroles: Breathe

[Tech N9ne]
Never duck another motherfucker, repeat it
Never duck another motherfucker, nigga better delete it
Put the cerebellum in killer mode, for real a foe
Can never get with what a gorilla know
Killin' syllable feelin' ya biblical ritual
This shit'll get rid of ya pain, here in your pitiful game
This is political pain, deep in the pit of your brain
Let it rain with the unforgettable aim (Gunshot)
Nigga lookin' for a spot to bust
Cause the homie that you killed meant a lot to us
But, instead of lookin' for a cock to fuck
Kill a nigga like he was rockin' the swastika
You can do it, but you blew it, cause your mockin' up
Get your ride on, nigga is you rock or what?
Lots of luck, you really gonna need it, hella heated
Motherfucker let the Glock erupt, box him up

I don't wanna be the one to get a millimeter in the gut
I wanna be the one to hit 'em with another milla
Caught up in the middle, I'm a little sick and different
And I mean it when I said it, you remember that?
Hell motherfuckin' yeah!

[Hook 1]
You don't wanna get in trouble
With a nigga like the Tecca Nina
If you looking like an enemy (Bust)
We don't ever stop and take a minute we (Just)
(Breathe) Hey son, what the fuck are you duckin' from?
(Breathe) They come best to fight every fuckin' one
(Breathe) Say some, punks bound to sell coke and guns
(Breathe) Sprayin' guns, might result in you bustin' some

[Tech N9ne]
Never let a hatin' motherfucker see you sweat
Bleed the chest, don't need regret
I fun day caper, a Sunday paper, so I can read the rest
I can dig it, you can dig it, put a nigga in the grave
If you hate or penetrate a loop of love a nigga made
If you step up to me you would never benefit
Nigga if I start it, I'mma finish it
Run up on a motherfucker, while he's fuckin' a chick
Put a bullet in her head, while she's suckin' a dick
Wasn't a bit of evidence, baby it's irrelevant
You got it with your nigga that's the luck of the grit
Bring pain to everyone in your face with the bane, you very some
It's a motherfuckin' shame we carry guns
If you don't your insane or very dumb
Tecca Nina's too rough (Too rough) too hard (Too hard)
Too tough (Too tough) you scarred (You scarred)
Cause a nigga know a motherfuckin' round will spit
Fuckin' around with a killer clown and shit

[Hook 2]
If you really wanna do it, nigga
We can step into it
Put us up against some other motherfuckers
And we runnin' through it
Fuck a nigga, buck a nigga
If he thinks he's a guerrilla
Meant it when I said it
You remember that (Yeah!)
Hell motherfuckin' yeah!

[Hook 2]

[Tech N9ne]
Get sprayed by the Tec-9 hand gun, now I'm on the outrun
Flowin' up again and hot, cooked well done
Fuckin' with a insane crazy warlord
Punks wanna trip, but they know I'm too motherfuckin' hard
Deadly, tickin' like a time bomb
Fuckin' with me you would think you were in Vietnam
When I explode ain't nothin' left but remains
But those who were froze fuckin' with a nigga insane
Mentally minded mad motherfuckin' mad man
Out to attack, sinkin' punks like quicksand
Droppin' and poppin' any punk that buck
So bring a body bag if you wanna get fucked up
There it is little bitch made nigga
Start runnin' when I'm playin' with the trigger
An Uzi, a 12-gauge it really don't matter
Many suckers die when the shotgun scatter
From block to block, hood to hood, street to street
Boy you can't fuck with me
So for those who told you to jump up and talk shit
Admit you bitch, your little ass got lit


[Hook 1]

(Breathe) Hey son, what the fuck are you duckin' from?
(Breathe) They come best to fight every fuckin' one
(Breathe) Say some, punks bound to sell coke and guns
(Breathe) Sprayin' guns, might result in you bustin' some

That's beautiful
Ronnz from Berlin and shit, hardcore cat
Blaze your weed to this
This is dedicated to my homeboy Walter Jefferson
W.J. Weed Capone nigga
If I ever breathe, if I ever live
Shit no more fuckin' man
Believe this blunt I'm blazin'
And still listen to your kids
That's real shit, nigga