Tech N9ne - We Just Wanna Party (ft. Rittz & Darrein Safron)

We Just Wanna Party Lyrics / Paroles


Girl scout cookies...check

151, Malibu rum and pineapple juice...check

Hennessy, Sprite and lemon...check

Patrón Silver, Patrón Citrónge, ready-to-serve margarita mix, limes, and orange juice...check

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]


I just wanna party, hit the drink until I'm numb (CHEAH)

I'm the nigga with the pineapple and malibu rum (CHEAH)

Plus the 151 I'mma get you stupid doo doo dumb (CHEAH)

Get the nookie when the cookies feelin' good up in her lungs (CHEAH)

Hella faded when I get up in the spot I hit the bar...(CHEAH)

Everybody want a photo with the Nina, I'm a star...(CHEAH)

And if anybody want it my nigga 'zilla got the gun

But we just wanna kick it and pick up a couple bitches

Who be looking so delicious, we give them all of they wishes

Then we done (done)

[Hook: Darrein Safron]

My crew's all tripped out, off that real good green

The liquor's taking over, and we just wanna party

(This shit we) party, we just wanna party

(This shit we) party, we just wanna party

This shit we party, Sunday Monday Tuesday

Wednesday Thursday Friday, through the weekend

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]

Saturday to Sunday she be calling in on Monday

I live in the Boonies, if your ride is outie, then it's like you're traveling with a one way

We wanna put D on her

We gone, we zoned, in a weed coma

She don't belong if I squeeze phone her

And he want leads on where the G's home was

Ease on, she won't get to breathe on us

Tea's gone, we bump bitches elong' us

See schlong, she moan when I deep dong her

When he's grown, he is known to sneeze on ya

Beez Holmes, we Jones'd, put the V on her

She's long, these songs get ya free dome

For the weed blown with the tone like I'm Steve Stone bruh

Keep on, be strong, never no leash on us, we beast on ya Biancas

[Bridge: Darrein Safron]

My crew's all tripped out, off that real good green

The liquor's taking over, and we just wan...(hold up)

[Verse 3: Rittz]

Party animal, looking hammered, couple of handles of

Crown, we pound the shot cause it ain't shit for me to handle

My liquor buzz, and bitch you weren't to quick to bust it open for the gram of molly, got her pupils huge, her hands are clammin' up

Took advantage of the situation, now she dancing to my music

When I turn around she taking her bra and panties off

Tan lines looking like she just got back from Panama

City sparks flying like I lit a Roman candle up

Damn it just, can't think of you're name, what is it, Angela?

Pammy, Tammy, Pamela? I blame it on my Xani buzz

But plenty of my homies wanna hit it, so I hand her off

Pimping since, and even if I can help then I'm the center of

Attention, trying to get paid, like Travis O'Guin, you see the symbol of

Snake and bat, the famous stars and straps, the Gucci signature

The ring that's on my pinky, you should throw the deuces, beam me up

I'm stupid in the booth, I'm flexing like I'm Lou Ferrigno, ya-uh-yeah!

[Hook: Darrein Safron]

[Outro 2x]

Girls just wanna have fun (hold up)

Guys just wanna get fucked (hold up)

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