Teflon & Capleton - Same Struggle [Lyrics/Paroles]

Teflon & Capleton - Same Struggle

Same Struggle Lyrics / Paroles

Well, I'm the diamond in the dirt
That haven't been found.
I'm the king here on Earth,
Just I ain't ever been crowned.
Me termination's here in the dirt,
So I be never sit down
Help them up, you help them up,
Forget it, get your own,
Yo, the homies here are singing
All the negative songs.
Their guitar, I get to
Change them benefit down
Swift them in the city
And they never return.
Me in it for number one
But never sit down.


Our different day,
Same struggle.
Same struggle.
Always trying your best to know
'cause the struggle never go home.
Same struggle.
Same struggle.
Always trying your best to know
'cause the struggle never go home.

Boy, need my ration,
Well, I'd'a know my child, they fifty youth
I hope they da'make the news in
Until they get to you
You go to school and cost the ultimate.
It's education, 'cause knowledge ha'the key.
Heard tha'you new, first read,
And then you'll come and see.
A better nation
Surrender my way, pardon,
Teflon Notes here, toggle right,


Yo, they gone 'till Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, well, to me it is just another day.
'cause the bill still high, I say,
No, they never go away,
There more knife and guns and bombs.
Just to take your life away
Remember to pray,
That's what my mamma say,
Yeah, I don't think for you guys,


Work on them, say, I rush on time,
I live, now look on at my lyrics,
And I'm not so dime,
You think you'd stand on,
A cosmos grime,
Run for y'all, believe me at my supper time.
So tell them to get brushed your time,
I live, so live up to my people,
We don't rush your time.
God, just listen, time relaxing,
Just rush your time,
All the girls, they go to school,
'cause I them broke 'em time.


Don't ask me!
Don't ask me!

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