Teflon - Young King [paroles]

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Teflon - Young King

Paroles: Young King

[Verse 1:]

Thank you

You reap what you sow
I been stuck on these roads
They been belling my phone
Getting rid of my load
What you know about nights all on my own
Boy king I fight for my throne
Been outchea like E.T no phoneline to call home
That shit I write from my dome
That shit I rap from my zone
That shit I rep for my clique
I click it back that's my chrome
Been chucking MCs like stones
Been crushing them bones
Been there I said I done that
I still got the T-shirt at home
What you know about me?
I'm a little prick
I'm a little sly
I'm a little slick
If I don't trust you, don't trust me
You don't wanna slide
You don't wanna slip
I was in the hood
I was on my face
Then I got up
Went and got paid
I went and got a fade
Went and got a fresh
Went and got laid
My lighty just do drugs
My white chick don't do thugs
My brownin just do me
My murder mummy don't do hugs
My Jack boys do plugs
Do screw masks do gloves
But im just tryna do music
Tryna get up outta that mud
Do shows all across town
They digging how the boy sound
I'm the boy king and its a boy ting
And I'm tearing all of this down
I'm old school I'm OG
You high note I'm low key
I'm big ink big homie
You monkey face emoji
I'm southside I'm kicking back
Tryna bring my city back
Fake niggas was running it
I'm stand up I couldn't sit with that
I represent like FM
DJ Jukess he select them
Dinner dates in the west end
She sleep with me but we just friends