Termanology - I rock mics (ft. Sean Price & Lil fame)

I rock mics Lyrics / Paroles

Terminology, little fame
fast life
Let's go
I rock microphones when the 'it's on
Put a and get

From an animal not
I'm basely the man that you got
I'm from the
Twenty out of
'put on the
Your boy got it from the
Big bangs full of green
I drink 'so my memories
What a waste my cause and
my dogs
I come around for the safe
and dirty days for

I'm a competitive face

I'm a beast

What's my motherfucker
..my nigga 'with me

Fuck a rapper and
I told a rapper

Don't get fate nigga

Fuck around like dude and
..for a cool tattoo
If I say I'm split you in I'mma
However what you gonna do'
But you ain't got that life or you probably
I through blood like a artist without
Start blood act like a
I perform nigga
Hey you relax and let you 'just free
Before I caught
Way you should be listening to
the shit on the radio
'way to go
Fuck it nigga get
I was working a lot nigga
The think about nigga
I will make a living of everything that you hate
'how don't believe in shit
Get on your knees and

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