Termanology - It's Quiet

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Termanology - It's Quiet


It's Quiet

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Paroles - lyrics: It's Quiet

[Produced by Dame Grease]

[Verse 1]
I hustle hard just to make sure so you ain't grow like me
Sick walking through the rain and the snow like me
Proud to know, you'll never know poor like me
Never putting quarters in the pay phone like me
I wouldn't see my dad for weeks, stuck in the ghetto
Washing my clothes in the sink, these O's up in my bank
Used to be a fucking dream, I need buckets of creme
Walking through hell, I laced my mic with gasoline
Just like a race car, I need fuel in my tank
100 proof, 80 proof, whatever fluid you drink
Wanted to be a hustler, oming through in a mink
Until I seen what happens to you from a tool or a shank
These streets don't play fair they'll ruin your life
No more cell phone, now you getting news from a kite
Get yourself killed now, trying to wrestle the beast
I'm screaming Free Gutta even if he's never released
I'm screaming Free Wais, gotta keep eyes on those who despise
Your success, they'll set you up next
Sometimes your own flesh, and blood wanna see you fall
They don't wanna see you ball, if you ain't giving them none
Disloyal and then some
Like how you gon drink from the edge of my pen
I wrote those rhymes, but y'all just quote those lines
Plotting on your family like its the thing to do
You wasn't shooting in the gym
It's no ring for you
It's quiet

[Verse 2]
Life is all about choices, brown or clear liquor
Either way that shit meant to pierce liver
Let me break it down and give you a clear picture
This game full of clowns, just keeping it real with ya
Fronting on the gram so they can appear richer
Say they superstars but only a mere flicker
I can't front though, the plot just grows thicker
Even Pac started to think he was the real Bishop
You got the juice now Term, go ahead and Diddy Bop
50 Caliber in the trunk, I call it Fitty Wop
My cousin still in the can, sometimes I sit and shot
Another innocent man killed by a city cop
Courts, judges and pigs, they all go hand in hand
They even falsified death pics of Sandra Bland
Who can you trust now?, since you can't trust the news
And Fox 5 feeding us lies, thinking we fools
Guess that's the reason I rhyme to drop jewels
And show you something different you wasn't taught in a school
And fuck love cuz love will keep you confused
That's why I switch bitches like kicks, fitted's and shoes
I'm tryna lighten the mood, that's why I kid and joke
But ain't a damn thing funny about living broke
Or shoveling snow to buy the kids Christmas clothes
Or dropping 200 songs and ain't got shit to show
Eating Ramen and eggs for like 9 days
And your royalty check can't even buy J's
Thinking back to when I used to supply haze
Moms stressing me like, this ain't the son that I raised
I just wanna get on and live the good life
Fat bank account, new big house, kids, wife
A picket fence and a couple of dogs
A big ass yard, with a four car garage
But for now, I just leave it up to God
I just leave it up to God



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