Termanology - Let’s Go pt. 2 (ft. KXNG CROOKED)

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Termanology - Let’s Go pt. 2 (ft. KXNG CROOKED)


Let’s Go pt. 2

Featuring(s) : KXNG CROOKED

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Paroles - lyrics: Let’s Go pt. 2

[Produced by Statik Selektah]

[Verse 1: Termanology]
It's hard being the illest in my city man
Apparently I got enemies that don't feel the same
But I don't give a fuck y'all ain't even up in the game
I did so much for my city man they should feel ashamed
Nah buddy I ain't really heard the gossip
I was too busy putting out 30 projects
Y'all can google the kid and see the process
And see the progress, homie God bless
But listen, I'm a God so I wouldn't have it any less
I need a million now and not a penny less
I might literally drown with all this henny left
For throwing rocks at the crown, your penalty is death
It's no sitting me down, I got 100 left
100 more albums, 100 more fucking checks
100 more bars coming at your fucking neck
Man, They should've told you on Statik beats,mI'm the fucking best
Rikers to Middleton
Them lifers and Middleton, spending life illegitimate
Living life in imprisionment
Had to see if you listening, recycled some old bars
But them shit's still harder than crow bars
Came a long way from selling 380s out a Mercedes
Now I'm famous and ladies wanna DM a brother crazy
There's a art to ripping a heart out a chest
All you gotta do is dig in with a blade til theres no cartilage left
I'm probably the best, novelist with promising lyrics
It's ok to give me a compliment, but copy me less
They obviously honor me, that's why they copy my fresh
And hide behind fake pages with anonymous threats
It's more politics, I'm ready to catch a body again
Probably off Molly, Johnnie Walker, Vodka, Tonic and Gin
I smack demons and kill killers
Chopping scalps off of enemies and rock em like chinchillas
Motha fuck a celebrity
They ain't never seen a lyricist This venomous
Bending his sentences leave em covered in bandages
Anybody can get it give a fuck who his family is
Smoking five gram blunts out a dollar bill
Eyes bloody like killers wanted your mommy killed
But i'll design a ill plan to go back in a time machine and body you while you stuck in your mommy's body still




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