Termanology - Looking Back

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Termanology - Looking Back


Looking Back

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Paroles - lyrics: Looking Back

[Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]

[Hook: CrushBoys]
All alone I stay in my room, waiting for something
Waiting for someone
To bring me out this misery I call home
But it's not there problem
I stare in the mirror
I'm looking back
I'm looking back, I'm looking back

[Verse 1]
Sitting in this room, playing on my Nintendo
Stomach rumbling cuz my mother's family been broke
She left me with my grandma, she's schizophrenic and mental
And she smoked three packs, and she ain't open up the window
Struggling with asthma, one room apartment
Room full of smoke while grandma talked to the wall
And she would scream at the air
So everybody laughed, but I held her by the hand cuz she was all that I had
And this was Lawrence, Mass
My toilet seat filled with napkins
Cuz it's only one bathroom to share with the crackheads
Holes in the mattress, my clothes is disastrous
Hallway smelling like crack and burnt plastic
Even though this the past, the memories still vivid
Getting kicked out of school and getting whipped in the kitchen
And none of this is fiction, different or false written
Just the autobiography of a man on a mission


[Verse 2]
Thinking back to 9 years old, I can remember
Flashbacks of this pimp O, beating my Aunt Heather
Jeans in a small sweater, she would creep thru the hall fed up
Looking to smoke a rock so she could feel all better
Now I'm all grown and more hungry than ever
More humble and cleaver
It's all coming together
Been thru the storm weather
Consistent by all measures, but sick of this small cheddar
I'm here for the lost treasure
Tryna stay on my grind while praying all of the time
Each day I'm making a climb but taking it as a sign
Your only given one life, make it something divine
Have faith & take the design of satan out of ya mind
Snakes and fake friends, know how to hate & pretent
Thats why I got me some plans
To save up hundreds of bands
Buy me some properties, some businesses and some land
And bust it down to my fam
I hustle hard as I can




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