Termanology - The War Begins (ft. Inspectah Deck, Chris Rivers & H Blanco) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Termanology - The War Begins (ft. Inspectah Deck, Chris Rivers & H Blanco)

The War Begins Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Termanology]
You wanna go to war? I'll lyrically smoke you all
Got villains, guerrillas and killers, feelin' demented
Respect this life and protect yah neck, get your necklace swiped
Turn your flesh to ice, it seems like you don't respect your life
The rap game look at me in a respective light
Cause I bless the mic with the bess rappers to ever write
Check the hype, comin' at T isn't the best advice
Slap rappers around, make 'em lose their electrolytes
These new lyric rappers, make 'em fall backwards
Give 'em closed caskets and cold blackness, I'm so ratchet
The flow's magic, reputation is so classic
Got the shows mastered, you rap like you're asthmatic
Animal shit, we're cannibals and killin' you quick
You fuckin' with Term, Inspectah Deck and Chris
Can't forget the Blanc0, he stay strapped cause it's hot out
Where you can get shot up just for givin' a shout out

[Verse 2: H Blanco]
Word in the hood, homie got popped for stealin' bricks
I'ma rock this shit, caught him sleepin', gave him half a clip
Candles burnin', smell the roses, family took a hit
Took a L, empty cell, nobody snitched
This when the drama popped, boy don't get your mama shot
I know niggas with no limit in and out the box
Niggas who see murder, don't say shit to cops
Niggas who beat murder, self defense and walked
When there's war up in the jungle, niggas carry hawks
Carry [?], New York to Cali, where niggas [?]
Split your shit wide open, don't leave a scar
Catch that bitch you pokin' right in the car
Give her the other half that nigga's let off
She cryin', headshot put it to rest it off
Nigga, this the way that the war begins
Hood shit, every night hearin' shots ring

[Verse 3: Inspectah Deck]
It starts with heartless niggas runnin' their jibs to you
Run in their crib or put one in their wig
Watch you mouth with it, stupid, my whole unit is outfitted
Money over bullshit, cause we about digits
Cash money, I laugh, niggas is past funny
Half a grand, my little mans'll blast for me
Land of the lost, king me, no matter the cost
Say you boss, then you better let your hammer off
Two time felon, yellin', "Who want what?"
When the war begin, in the end, spoils, it's all us
Thirsty minds, over time with the dirty crimes
He threw the safe off the roof like thirty times
Thirty times, that describes how many shots he took
This to life, risk your life on a sloppy look
Look, see they just don't give a fuck
Listen up, for fifty bucks the triggers bust

[Verse 4: Chris Rivers]
So call me Nostradamus marchin' with Martin, Marshas, and all the Spartans
[?] barkin', I leave you niggas on cartons of milk
My artistry's built, foundations [?]
Partially killed before the ink'll tarnish the quill
Hotter than steel, crush diamonds with my thoughts alone
Titan when it comes to poems, rhymin' [?]
Comin' home either dead or victorious
Heavenly glorious, trust me I will get the [?]
Best to historious, kill your mother, bleedin' her corpse again
You're forced to end, Shaolin mark, hit you with a falcon punch
Bruce Lee, I'm looseleaf, infinity is rounded up to me
The only MC on the level of celestial beings
My emblem gleams, dragons out the best of the kings
You're less than a dream, I'm Nightmare on Elm with the fiends
Kruger, I'm the ruler with the hardest attack
Plus I'm lyrical, Biblical, the god of this rap

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