The Banyans - What's Going On (ft. Maranto ) [paroles]

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The Banyans - What's Going On (ft. Maranto )

Paroles: What's Going On

Verse 1:

Pull the chronic out my pocket and light it up so we think that we got blown up by a rocket
And I’m not gonna get lost at some point that i think i lost it
I bought coffins enough to fit those i hate, they know it costed
(so watch me lift up)
Up up and away, to see you got squashed by a giant while he play
Lightning must strike like mike and obey
Before i fuck yup like this shit was dre day
You wanna lose it if you took some ecstasy
But i use this mothafuckin x to see
Plus i got this bad bitch laying next to me
She got no idea how the fuckin sex’ll be
Now baby dance til you’re heat, shake it to beat or not
Or you can be smarter, listen to the words and nod
(so listen up)
Here’s some for you to coop through
I even shot myself you think i wouldn’t shoot you?

I just have been told that that don’t fit you, it’s true?
I am a different race, i just sadly missed you
How did you think i was able to carry with this through
And my time hasn’t come yet, so i spazz with this to
A different level in this game, that’s how i skipped you
And that’s all i do i hear lame, spits not this true
I have to say that I’m a virtue, with this cru-
-cifix, I’m able to fix all of my issues

Verse 2:

(when i enter in the club)
Blow some money on them girls
And then blow the 100 dollas that landed down on my furs
Two servants keeping me so fresh and clean
And two bodyguards watching for my safe routine
(i just made that up)
I ain't got no cash no
But i spit pure gold can fill a million casserole
This whole a fuckin movie and my only cast role
Is to lasso your neck till you get tasseled
Comparing to me? all you bitches are wack and queer
I write rhymes while my dick in this bitch disappears
This appears like you write while drunk on beer
And fist the bottles up your ass till you lift a tear
It’s because i am legend the world is evacuated
Maybe when write rhymes i have it all miscalculated
Even mos def couldn’t use his math to solve the case
And, without an award i will still get congratulated


Verse 3:

With my pen and pad hopping out of nowhere
I done killed everybody so you wouldn’t see a soul there
Like I’m rapping for both of us, me and the cold air
My rhymes make bats come out in the day and do a show there
Get it’s a miracle, thats why I’m named the marvelous
And if it wasn’t for the game i wouldn’t have started this
If it wasn’t for the game i won't be charged with larcenous
Cause when i was writing this song i burned my arm to fist
Now bounce to this like you’re forced to deep throat
Don’t dare come in to party wearing a cheap coat
Cause I got enough that’ll do, like the rhymes in my possession
I’ve got something to mention so here’s a little confession
(there’s something more powerful than any drug)
Circling down in my veins driving me somewhere unreachable and getting me insane
(rap disease up in my blood)
Now that i see what’s going on i just have fun and finally it is putting me in sane
Now come on man

Chorus 2:

King of the streets, but locked rings on my feet
Trapped in this jail cell, i smoke till i sleep
The game’s too deep, didn’t know the shit to sift through
I speak musique, and you’re becoming that bitch who
Is throwing the banana and step to slip you
Unique type of geek, when it come to this, dude
You can joke with the Marvelous, but not with his food haha
If you think you’re the bomb well I’m the one who lits you