The Foreign Exchange - Body [Lyrics/Paroles]

The Foreign Exchange - Body

Body Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]
Winter's cold has made a mess of me
Nowhere to go and there's nothing on these streets
Need that girl, baby you could stay the night
And hold her close cause I'd rather stay inside, inside you

I don't wanna go out to no club tonight
I just want your body
And if I can't have your love right here all to myself
I don't want nobody

[Verse 2]
Longing for the time we spend alone
There in your arms is the place I call home
That feeling comes when you pull me close
Hips swaying to our heartbeat is what
I want the most

[Hook (2x)]

[Verse 3]
For everything you are to me
You take the time when I'm in need
You keep me satisfied you turn me on
So let's just stay inside


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