The Game - T.H.O.T. (ft. Problem, Bad Lucc & Huddy) [Lyrics/Paroles]

The Game - T.H.O.T. (ft. Problem, Bad Lucc & Huddy)

T.H.O.T. Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Huddy]
That's your ho, I fucked your bitch
Hol' up, your face look mad as shit
She sucked my dick and you kissed her
Boy, I nutted all on her lips
Cause you fucking with a thot, nigga
You fucking with a thot, nigga
That's on mamas
Cause you fucking with a thot, nigga
You fucking with a thot, nigga
That's on mamas

That's on mamas!

[Verse 1: Game]
You fucking with a thot, nigga
I'm a real nigga, bitch, You fucking with a Pac nigga
Graduated from the pills and them rocks, nigga
Money, power, respect, come through like the Lox, nigga
Fuck a bottle, buy the box, nigga
Bought a Audemar, we don't google, we buy the stock, nigga
Same old boppers, leader of the new school
Spraying on them lockers, no rain gon' stop us
Put the swang on yoppers, flush on the bottom
Gold fangs on the top ones, Lucc game with the chopper
And I'm known for cutting these hoes like I'm the bachelor
They stuck in the hood, I'm the spatula
Told these bitches, expose these bitches for who they are
You a thot, yeah I really know these bitches
Dick is all I owe these bitches for being themselves
She a coach bag bitch but she follow Chanel
That's on mamas!


[Verse 2: Problem]
Uhhh, I got riggidy-riggidy racks and them diggidy-dam
The piggidy-piggidy face of a riggidy clown
Black out, back out like a flimsy blouse
Fuck a track out, like racing outside, pussies chalked outline
Niggas can't be outshined, out rhymed or out dimes
I'm like Magic in his prime without HIV
(Come on) It's stunting season
It's fuck niggas like gays but for the other reason
Me and Lucky getting cuddy in them other reasons
Period, the bitch bleed then I fucking bleed em
(What?) You fucking with a thot, nigga!
My Compton niggas come with K's like dot, nigga
Real when I talk, you can tell by my tone
A few instagram likes, the bitch swear that she on!
Live hoes from condos riding in Lambos, stunting pronto
Knowing that shit Rondos


[Verse 3: Bad Lucc]
She kinda thick, what's your measure?
Say her name bone collector, that's on the set-ta
354, [?]
She like the way I dress with them 501s on the chill
On our first two visits, nasty when I fuck her
Told her keep me out the clinic, on mamas I'm 'bout that business
Blowing money fast but I'm standing out them fences
Super pervert, I'm G. Levert to these bitches
Feeling like that nigga, back when I was skinny
Before I was filling out them pictures and fucking with your sister
Mr grab diamond ware share of hoes
And if my bitch didn't have a kid, I'd have a layer for hoes
Hella sick with this pimping, my mama taught me how to tell a chick from a chicken
Don't be fucking with a Christian
Diamond Lane banging, ain't hear it then get the trippin'
I'm a king of these thots, nigga, listen

[Hook] (x2)

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