The LOX - Bring It Back [Lyrics/Paroles]

The LOX - Bring It Back

Bring It Back Lyrics / Paroles


Bring that back one more time

Bring that beat back

Y'all wanna hear that beat, right?


Bring that beat back

[Verse 1: Sheek Louch]

New York flow

For years I've been gettin' New York dough

They know that my gun blow

Straight out that 914, either here or on tour

Got more pussy than Al B. Sure!

Arm leg or Beretta out the bodega

Porsche lookin' clean like a nigga hit Mega

I'm IMAX lookin' when I walk

I'm a mix between Bill Gates and Kool G when I talk

Frontline on that bullshit

Donnie at the helm

This 9 millimeter more powerful than Selma

I'm sorry Dr. King, but these lil' niggas they bring

More drama and more Kis than Alicia Keys can sing

When he come home from that thing

I'm straight out the P-jects

Bullets got niggas losing weight

Every day like the 40-day reset

But they respect me cause I'm Donnie the O.G. nigga


Bring that back one more time

Bring that beat back

Y'all wanna hear that beat, right?

Bring that beat back

[Verse 2: Styles P]

It's middle fingers or deuces

Versace head Medusas

Lil' homie holdin' a Ruger

Poppin' your medula, have 'em hop in the Uber

We scuba divin' in Cuba

We ain't lookin' for fish, we lookin' for ritz

And I don't mean an old bitch, but I'll make you sleep with a cougar

I'm hilarious, 9 carrier

I was livin' the life, yours was vicarious

This gun could've had my seed, I would've married it

Goon at the end of Grand Marquis Marriott

Head getting bigger like I just took the Barry shot

Bomb with a Bird if it's good like a Larry shot

Yeah I'm from Yonkers but the work's down in Tarrytown

Fuck around, bring that little shooter from Natty down

Hard, but the credit card's the only thing I carry now



[Verse 3: Jadakiss]


Up north flow

Leg day today, pardon me if I walk slow

You can see the hate, you can taste the salt though

They made my heart cold, I don't feel no remorse yo

Nah, yeah

I need a whole block

A glass jar, ice tray, and a stovetop

A lil' nigga lookin' out, and an old Glock

The next day I'm comin' through when the gold drop

Ha, stop

Nobody iller than me

You can catch a contact just chillin' with me

Movin' it ain't really nothin', it's a killer to read

Form Voltron when I'm with Gorilla and P

We more than connected

You oughta respect it

Devil's playground, but the Lord is my shepherd

Yeah, a lot of niggas gon' die

So as far as funerals there be more in a second


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