The LOX - Real Is Real (feat. Von) [paroles]

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The LOX - Real Is Real (feat. Von)

Paroles: Real Is Real

[Intro: Diddy]

Anytime any of you punk ass niggas wanna say I took something from you

I never take nothing from you

I work too hard for mine baby

I go hard in this paint right here

You know what I love this

Ima give it you before I take it from you bitch

[Verse 1: Jadakiss]

Yeah, told my nigga real is real and bitch is bitch

If I ain't doing a deal I'm probably with ya bitch

You ain't gotta second guess you know I'm with the shits

I don't care about ya rep you know I get ya heaaadd

Yeah, rich is rich and broke is broke

You already know my niggas moving coke and dope

Got the sour, got the haze, we got both to smoke

Plus we fuck the baddest bitches, that's from coast to coast

Get yaself robbed, stabbed, or pistol whipped

Mm, wherever we at you know we gets it lit

Shoot you in that same mouth that you dissed me with

But all that fuck shit you could miss me with

[Hook: Von]

Uh, listen nigga real is real and bitch is bitch

Nigga broke is broke and rich is rich

So all that in between you could miss me with

Yeah all that fuck shit you could miss me with

Told my nigga rich is rich and broke is broke

Whip it with ya wrist my nigga, dope is dope

So all that in between you could miss me with

And all that fuck shit you miss me with

[Verse 2: Sheek Louch]

You could miss me with it

Sucking my dick all night then she go home and kiss you with

What you jealous for?

Cause I'm on tour, and I ain't standing in front of no store?

With a beer in my hand, one blunt rolled

3 grams, talking about moving raw

Where the lawyer at? Where that bail money?

Where them 100 racks when it's real money

Rich is rich broke is broke

Sour, haze, smoke is smoke

I'm getting money when I ain't awoke

When them guns is out it ain't a joke

Bottles pop, them trippy stix

Got her wallin' out on them IG pics

Take her home for a couples of bucks

2 chainz voice' suck all the dicks

Nigga we don't care about you

When it go down we don't care we shoot

As long is that money's there in that duffel bag

B.I.G. nigga gimme the loot

I learned from Puff, I learned from Hov

Baking soda I learned the stove

Did the coupe, did the rove

Got millions nigga if I'm getting old

[Hook: Von]

[Verse 3: Styles P]

They told you money talk, what it's saying to you?

100 shots fired they ain't playing with ya

All that in between you could miss me with

I'm in the limousine, French cuisine, with some prissy bitch

No promethazine, just some wax and my trippy stix

Got ahead flip

If I don't get you killed I get you pistol whipped

Louchy, Kiss and I

And some niggas that act ludicrous

Send yo ass to Lucifer, show you what elusive is

I don't give a fuck, I sit my dick on medusa's lips

I ain't got a gun I get you hawked with a crucifix

This is Ghost, this dblock, this is LOX

This is *gun sounds* till your head a mess

[Verse 4: Von]

Moving with the tooly they done got me on my drilling shit

All we moves militant

Jada gone and kiss the shit

If involving currency I get it done I'm diligent

Known for causing homicides when I get the pinning shit

Real is real and bitch is bitch

Poor is poor and rich is rich

Claim you not a bitch well the fuck you in ya feelings bitch

I could send a 100 clues they still may never get the jit

Smell me nigga get a whiff

Pooper scooper up in the shit


[Hook: Von]