The LOX - Salute A Gee [paroles]

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The LOX - Salute A Gee

Paroles: Salute A Gee

{Sheek Louch}

Fuck it Im going in


Let it bang nigga

We dont call the cops

Certified G nigga riding on these blocks

Ain't no rapper you know that ain't listen to the Lox

Ain't a bitch that you know that ain't on one of our cocks

Squares of that raw, half a G

Big ass guns that Im riding with is half the jeep

Im in your house while you layin there half asleep

Come on your block or whatever and I ain't half as deep

Gettin money as a young'in

Im trying to french kiss older bitches as a kid

They wouldn't let me put my tongue in

Now look what I brung in

Rope on my neck is longer and thicker than the ones we got hung in

Put four fingers up

And tuck your thumbs

Salute the God when you see him or when we shootin the one

This ain't for fun, its a full time job

Little bitches like you is them niggas we rob

Jumpin out the SAAB in the 80s

Bear coat, hotter than 380s

Back then our block was like Haiti

You never know who had it

It took a while to find out who ratted

Black radio playing that "Illmatic"

Im just saying Im a Yonkers nigga

You dont compare us to a barrel, long as you know I ain't no trigger

Bang bang muthafuckas its them D-Block boys

All that skinny jean rappin nigga kill that noise

{Styles P}

Anybody harder they say "No O.G."

Goon spelled backward is "No O.G."

Niggas know I snap like the photo V

Put a bullet in the horse on your polo B

And I come from a block where they clap at

You dont want another hole in your snap back

I got a big ass gun in my back pack

Rob niggas let it ring, ra-ta-tat-tat

Now who wanna get shot where they lats at

I let a blade run across where your traps at

By the way cocksucker where your trap at

Who the shooter he the one im gon clap at

Im a savage muthafucka but im abstract

And im good with the numbers like a NASDAQ

S-dot-P-Dot G-Host

Before rap all I thought about was kilos

Im from D-Block, you know I love C-Notes

And I used to sling sacks of that P tho

Yeah nigga L-O-X

Actin like we from Santos, L-O-S

Put a gun in my P-O-L-O vest

If you try to fuck with us, say "Hello Death"

Cuz you gon die real soon

D-Block, you lookin at some real goons


Still pullin the tech out the dresser

Y'all students of the game, yes I'm a professor

Looking in the mirror, like can I be any fresher?

Niggas'll bench press ya, hate then sweat cha

Yeah, aww then but thats just how the hood be

Work garbage grams ain't moving how they could be

Hustlin backwards not doing what you should be

I could show ya niggas how to do it for a good fee

And I ain't just rappin, I endorse it

The line's right there, you know what happen when you cross it

From the hood, still drink water from the faucet

I borrowed shit, gave shit away and I brought shit

And naw, I ain't with the back and forth shit

I'd rather shoot it out than be going through the court shit

All cause you wanna be us

When all you had to do was salute us when you see us

It dont matter if Im in the Porsche or Prius

You already know that the diamonds is V.V.S

Nine out of 10, the garments is all G.S

If anybody gon bring harm, its gon be us

U pussy and soft, U.P.S

Worse thing they ever coulda did was free us

Now hop on the wave and ride that

L-O-X nigga, you can't divide that