Paroles: A L'AFFÛT

*Penobscot everlasting: thicc notice of wakefulness*

It’s from the jump, from the jump, from the jump
Aye, it’s from the jump…
From the head
From the top

“This for scot great scot, WE THE KIDS”

[Dunzo Donalds]
I’m a kitty cat
I spit kid–
(I f*cked up)

[continued together]
“This for scot great scot, WE THE KIDS”

[ Verse]
I don’t wanna have ta go outside
I just wanna be safe
Be safe –I
Spend a lotta time alone
To create: s p a c e
If they’re not a nematode
It’s hard to relate
Late –I’m
Painting on my walls in even tones
To erase tastes

When it’s happening it’s hardly showing
It’s nuanced and you haven’t grown and
I’m growing in my own garden:
A farm of ardent marching minstrels
Largely armed with banisters
Garol get the cash and stole a whole
Bunch from the Lannisters:
Armaments and boots, sticks
Candlesticks and can-openers!

Our clan ain’t hopeless
You just had some oppers
You should prolly hit this
Try stay focused
Ground out like
Opus after opus
Mmm Map out like the
Fastest path to broke-ness
If you want master potions
Read Snape!
If you ain’t wanna be demoted
You should prolly BEHAVE!

[continued together]
“This for scot great scot, WE THE KIDS”

[Dunzo Donalds Verse]
Can you believe that?
I’m a kitty cat
I spit kiddy raps
For the fifty in the back
For the sense of doing something
Even if it’s dumb things
Might be eating dumplings
Coming up with nothing
I’m in the Occulus
Rhymes so obvious
You prolly got
Copious amounts of copied shit
Hard-wired for the large fire
Surrounded by all sides– walls higher

Stay with a convoy
Stay with a free mind
Rest when it’s peace time
I speak self-help
Up by your bootstraps
No more dub-step
Off with his hub caps
Off with his head
One day I’ll be dead
For now I’m doing rap stuff
With my homies– Ned
All my homies on this song
We can never do no wrong
I’d rather be Kenny Chesney
In the Bentley
Hitting empty

[continued together]
"This for scot great scot, we the _”
"This for scot great scot”
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