The Twilite Tone - Put the Guns Down (ft. Common, King Louie, Lil Herb & More)

Put the Guns Down Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: King Louie]

Put the guns down, get your money up

Let the kids live

Grown goofys killin' babies, what them kids did?

Shit I live to see my mama, see her kid's kid

And I put on for my city, what your kid did?

Thanks to me the young Gs gettin' real bread, Panera

Put the guns down and do better

Put the guns down and do better

[Verse 2: Katie Got Bandz]

Chiraq crazy, gotta tell 'em put the guns down

Shorties out here wildin', they ain't even got aim now

Hittin' the wrong ones, Rastas cuttin' off their dreads now

12 ain't no better, they'll kill you for respect now

Guns, put 'em up, tired of beggin', sippin' up

The streets love Katie cause I spit the realest stuff

Why you shooters tell, you ain't built, give it up

Shorties stickin' up toys like they're in Toys 'R' Us

[Verse 3: Saba]

Never ran from Ku Klux and I shouldn't have to run from 'em

My brother, we went to school together and passed more than just judgement

We save that for the lord, just seen a gurney

Journey cut short, I wonder what was stored

Yo you are not your surroundings so stop the hunt like a bounty

My town forgot about their dreams and jumped to their plan B

We robbin' and shootin', pollutin' the optics with Glock hits

Why we think we gotta be in politics to stop it?

[Hook: King Louie]

Put the guns down, put the guns down

Don't shoot 'em

Put the guns down, put the guns down

Don't shoot 'em

Put the guns down, put the guns down

Don't shoot 'em

Put the guns down, put the guns down

Don't shoot 'em

[Verse 4: Common]

I walk around the town, it's run down

Sun up to Sun down, it's gun sounds

It's like Nas, light up the nighttime

Whole city surrounded by chalk lines

No vital signs in the city, mamas holler cause they hear me

My [?] got smoked so it's hard to see clearly

It's eerie where the dead men walk, feds, they talk

Caught up in the system but the system's never caught in this bitch

[Verse 5: Nick Jr.]

A lot of my friends been a victim by a gun

I live in a city where the people get greedy

Broadcast everywhere, CNN [?] sell it

Been happenin' since Al Capone days

When you hear a doot doot, get the hell out the way

Kids gettin' hit by bullets with no names

[?] are silly, pull the pole with no aim

Now police do the same, I hope you feel my pain

[Verse 6: Tree]

This is for the shorties

Posted on College go with the 40

Your homie got hit up, you know the story

Prolly did it before, never did pay for it

But you know what else, my nigga? You never got paid for it

Hey boy, I ain't the boys, I've just seen it before

You shoot, you go to jail, you never get out no more

And the police, they never write you, your homies, they got your whores

And you're stuck up in the cell missin' kickin' it on the porch

[Verse 7: Mic Terror]

You [?] thug, you hardass [?]

Could you at least go to target practice?

Before you hit Heidi up, baby Jhene

But you an anybody killer, you [?]

I guess Jonylah Watkins was an opp, huh?

Can't box none so you wanna pop some

But why you ain't that hard when the cops come?

I can see it in your eyes, stop frontin'

[Hook: King Louie]

Put the guns down, put the guns down

Don't shoot 'em

Put the guns down, put the guns down

Don't shoot 'em

Put the guns down, put the guns down

Don't shoot 'em

Put the guns down, put the guns down

Don't shoot 'em

[Verse 8: G Herbo]

I come from the bottom

Where the shooters shootin' each other for a couple dollars

Homicide cause your side say his side have a problem

Resort to the drama

[?] killin' for honor, they don't think about your mama

They love the Instagram, they don't think about the commas

You [?] niggas copycats, I'm doing this you're doin' that

Y'all want them Robin jeans, them Gucci belts, them Louis hats

I'm up on bigger things like fuck a plane, let's do a jet

I bought them Vicky rings like fuck the Range, I pull the Vette

But nah forreal, before you pull that trigger, what if you was next?

I'm gone

[Verse 9: Noname Gypsy]

I was partially standin' beside him

When they parted the red sea, see the blood on the hydrant

And the leaves like Ye said, they dead, funeral

Newspaper like a brand new obituary

Rap with my contemporaries, I ain't gotta think about it

I dreamt about it, what's a demon to a ghetto now?

Move around, heard a couple shots in my solitude

Hallelu- went right past, that's what God'll do

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