Theophilus London - Tribe (ft. Jesse Boykins III)

Tribe Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Theophilus London]
I'm pagin' Aroma, pagin' Sada
Had lil' poom-poom, she called me dada
Kiss the poom-poom, [?]
Praise the fatha, praise the fatha, PRAISE!
Jenna, Lisa, Frita
And I'll just sit in the back of the Bimmer
Chiefin' the lala, smokin' the reefer
HB shotgun rollin' the Keisha
I got a camera in, boo, but we lay low
We had a first kiss maybe equator
And mama-se mama-sa, mama say so
And this thing may never get a day old
Back in Paris with Alice for dinner
Smokin' the Cuban, boy keep the scent up
Girl in the blue dress look like a winner
Caught my eye in the back of the mirror

[Hook: Jesse Boykins III]
You know I got to show love, show love
Show love, show love
You know I got to show love, show love
Show love, show love
You know I got to show love

[Verse 2: Theophilus London]
One hour later, I had to praise her
Cruise head to Spain, I think I'm Vega
Any flavor, every summer
Me and Brodinski bringin' the numbers
Groovin' [?]
Hop on the MDMA, [?]
Said that her favorite car was a Jetta
Sent me some champagne all with a letter
Made me say musa, musa, musa
I want to go down to St. Lucia
Got Brianna, bought for two
Scenery, boy it's all for you, hey!
I'ma reveal her, bump and feel her
Diamente velvet laces
The girl needs savin', boy go save her


All the day, show love
Every day show love
What you say, show love
All the day, show love

[Hook] + [Bridge] (simultaneous)

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