Tiara Thomas - One Night [paroles]

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Tiara Thomas - One Night

Paroles: One Night

Turn the lights on

[Verse 1]
You can call me crazy, but all that ballin' baby
It don't mean shit, to a real bitch
Gucci, Louis Vuitton, you think you're the bomb
But it don't mean shit, to a real bitch

And I ain't one of those emo girls that don't like fashion
I like going on shopping sprees as much as the next one
And I ain't trying to be rude but you can go 'head with that flexin'
Cause baby if I gave you this (uh, uh)
It's cause I wanna give you this (uh, uh)

Cause all girls ain't after your money
All girls ain't even lookin' for love
And sometimes good girls get lonely
They want something money can't buy
Don't want the rest of your life, just one night
Just one night, I just want one night
One night

[Verse 2]
Oh, he sent me a picture of his Rolley
Next to some rolled up OG
He said he love girls and codeine
And he got a lot of money but I just sent him an emoji
Stale face passed out with that pale face, snoring
Eat it, beat it up like a cell mate, for me
And the sex is, a game it's a tailgate, scoring
The results came back and I'm not yours, Maury
Oh, I'm sorry I could go a little mental
I'm just tyna say somethin' real simple
You feel crunchy at first like Mentos
But eventually a nigga get the memo
So before you open your dental
And before you pull up in the rental
Remember some girls like simple
A man that hold it down me, keep it confidential


One night, one night, one night
That's all I need it's so simple baby
Don't complicate it
One night, one night, one night
That's all I need it's so
All I need from you is this
Give me the key to your room and a kiss

[Bridge] + [Hook]

All I need is one night