Tinie Tempah - Autogas (ft. Big Narstie & MoStack) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Tinie Tempah - Autogas (ft. Big Narstie & MoStack)

Autogas Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Big Narstie]
Man is on auto (Gas)
Gyal is on auto (Gas, base)
Man is on auto (Gas)
Gyal is on auto (Gas, base)
Auto (Gas)
Auto (Gas)
Auto (Gas)
Auto (yeah)

[Verse 1: Tinie Tempah]
Uh, yeah, I put these hoes all in their place, uh
Rudeboy, I keep my bros all in my place, uh
Real diamonds in my Audemars, not fake, uh
Real pictures all on my Instagram, it's not fake, nigga
I praise the lord like 40 times a day
Linked up with Dumi last week, he said it's time to regulate
He said it's time to regulate
Them private jets come early, never late
Rappers be stuck in a pickle
Like, 'Who want to fuck with the kiddo?'
They suck when they dribble
Malcolm is stuck in the middle
With two models up in the limo
Should upload the video
[?], Versace, [?], Bacardi
Want something from Bizzle, she drunk on the dizzle
Definitely fucking, she buff and she jiggle
Yeah, I also told you, she shut down the shizzle
Gossip, I read the blogs on this gossip
Heard my man's got dough online but no real dough in his pocket
Ha, that's why I keep it lowkey, [?] credit card in my wallet
Dun know, it's all good babe, I do it B.I.G, Chris Wallace, let's go, uh
Tell me if you're naughty, shawty
Tell me if you're naughty
Change your life girl, you're that Spice Girl
I know Scary, Posh and Sporty
I know black girls don't like white boys
White boys don't like white noise
You didn't buy "Pass Out" or "Wifey"
That shit I don't like, boy

[Bridge: Big Narstie]
Man is on auto (Gas)
Gyal is on auto (Gas, base)
Man is on auto (Gas)
Gyal is on auto (Gas, base)
Auto (Gas, yeah)
Auto (Gas, yeah)
Auto (Gas, yeah)
Auto (Gas, yeah)
Man is on auto (Gas)
Gyal is on auto (Gas, base)
Man is on auto (Gas)
Gyal is on auto (Gas, base)
Auto (Gas, yeah)
Auto (Gas, yeah)
Auto (Gas, yeah)
Auto (Gas, yeah)

[Verse 2: MoStack]
And now these droppers wanna love me
I knew we'd run the city someday
Mess around with who? It's gunplay
Fuck what Mum says, we even turn up on Sunday
Now they know me in another country
She gave her number even though I'm ugly
Hey yo, my brother, look we've come a long way
Yeah, we've come a long way, yeah, we've come a long way
Vibing and I'm feeling bubbly
I don't trust a soul, so nobody trust me
Motherfuck my teacher cause she never liked me (fuck her)
Talk about the dough, I be munching pasties
I swear I've been living grimy
Label want my tunes, but nobody's signed me (no label)
I'm with a white girl and she's popping molly (molly)
Neighbours complain, we won't stop the party

[Verse 3: Tinie Tempah]
We got the ting and we moving the white
Got Jungle Fever, I'm loving the white
In Saint-Tropez and I'm all in the white
I'm in Dubai, bitch, I'm clubbing in white
A45, want it in white
I just got it in black, but I want it in white
My niggas [?] 9 till 5
Get the Cîroc [?] Sprite
Get the Cîroc, watching porn on the flight
London to Manchester, all in a night
Didn't even know she's a whore on the sly
Girl telling lies when she swore on her life
Dom Pérignon in the morn, [?] the sky
Told her that she can have more if she likes
[?] a drink, and she snorting a line
Told her she buff but she know that she nice

[Verse 4: Big Narstie]
I've got balls of steel
I am the militant black guy
BDL, paratrooper
Salute the magpie
I'll high-five man's face
If a nigga don't act right
Base, *fanfare*
Vibes, it's that time
Bomb has landed
Pain and base: my branding
I'm sitting in the captain's cabin
Man's confused like how did this happen?
Flying carpet king, I'll challenge
Street rat to king, avoided Bing, now I'm the in-thing
I am (the true Aladdin)
Bottle of Henny and ready to go
Base Defence League all in my zone
I smoke zoots and roll
Take man's chain and go
I paid that iron price
Came from the iron life
Only kings wear gold
There's no game to the thrones
Burst the pipe, let's go
Burst the pipe, let's go
Step up the levels, I climb for the bezel
I shine, it's peak for the levels of I
It's peak for the [?]
Only God knows this life I chose
And rose my soul to fry
It's skull and bones
Black and chrome, no snitching and hope to die
[?], bang bang, dun know, thugging it
Better have the block, I'm up in it
Usain Bolt, I'm running it
I need all, not some of it
Pick up the pace, let's double it
Gyal link me, Ann Summers it
Muay thai dick to the face, she's sucking it
[?] black man, but she was bugging it
[?] innit

[Verse 5: MoStack & Tinie Tempah]
I know white girls with black features
Shaped bum, had mad shishas
I know white girls who go to black church
With their black friends and play Black Jesus
That turn up and burn up
Get grounded if their Dad sees this
It's Junk Food, but in the new year
I've got a new album with mad features
You've got my guy, you've got that yout
You've got my man, but no niggas
I don't sip lean, I said 'llow that
I said safe fam, I'm OK
I took his girl, I took that girl
With no game and no chain
My mandem said no way
Nuff white girl, no cocaine

[Outro: Tinie Tempah]
Know that she nice
Know that she nice

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