Tinie Tempah - Look at Me Now (Freestyle) [paroles]

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Tinie Tempah - Look at Me Now (Freestyle)

Paroles: Look at Me Now

Beamer, Benz or Bentley
Plus Ciroc, Petron and Henne
Tryna sell a billion
Call me Elvis Presley
Keep it, old school
You niggers elementary
Got a red and yellow chick
That kinda look like Robyn Fenty

And when her head shit
I call it migraine
Blindfold a bitch, to my crib
Call it blind date
Next single me and Wiz
I bet we finish high mate
Rebecca Black, everyday a Friday

Look at me now
Look at my style
Ooo, fitted and tapered
Look at me now
Look at me how?
I be fresher than a motherfucker

If it ain't Billboard GQ or Now
How the hell can you fools look at me now
You niggers dont eat in Philippe Chow
And you ain't no members of Soho House
When i go all out, ain't got no spouse
Made cheese and cream, all without no cal
International now fam, without no doubt
Fuck girls with names that i can't pronounce