Paroles Dreams & Nightmares par Tito Lopez

Par  |  il y a 6 ans  |  Artiste : Tito Lopez
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Paroles: Dreams & Nightmares

I know I’m suppose to be dum in the another nigga stuff
But this right here is a request so
Chris this is for you
Feel me
Dear Lord is you can hear this
I just want to lift up my spirit
I know I suppose to feel this
But right now I’m afraid
I’m not good for express my pain
But that don’t should me pain
Had to lay down with lions
And swimming with the sharks
Try to find my way out
But it’s dark
It’s light at the end of the tunnel
But I’m stuck at the middle
Nigga don’t know how tell you all this
Treating hip hop like a lady when she is sleeping
And truly I use to love her
But fuck her she’s just a slot
So give it up nigga
So know I’m feeling like she’s gone for good
Long nights
I know our last days together was kind of rocky
But if you look down from the clouds I know you got me
But if nobody care me they can’t drove me
Men this song it’s about my mamma
So tell who are the real place to go
However wait a sec
You’ll remember me
You’ll remember me
Ooh no he rest in peace
Was so hard to stay positive
Send them home I said I broke the check


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