Tiwony - Chase Me Away (ft. Turbulence) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Tiwony - Chase Me Away (ft. Turbulence)

Chase Me Away Lyrics / Paroles

Yea, okay then

I can't put my gun away
I run the streets with yay
But please dont let me go
Please dont let me go

[Verse 1:Pill]
Gun raised parade streets serving this yayo
100 ways but pay em knee deep for a KO
Ring box of things poppin for green partna
Sling rock for profit pockets like Betty Crocker
Crooked coppers they watch us
Hopping hoping they lock us
While the kitchen serving this fish hoping that it lock up
Lift choppas they Josh Smith they tryna block us
No time for sleeping fun is not an option
Fuck it they feel the busta pill is bustin fill a busta up
Governor middle finger bastard tryna muzzle us (why)
We born broke form dope and form growth and need
Stomach growlin to hard so its hard for us to go to sleep
You know the streets raise and groom us for warfare
Saddam Hussein mind frame kids with a far-fetched dream
Although it seems so obscene that's a lawless
World we living in so that thing in my car there

I can't put my gun away I run the streets with yay
But please dont let me go
Please dont let me go
I can't have no fun today police chase me away
But please dont let me go
Please dont let me go

[Verse 2:Pill]
Gutta lost the land my gun the protecter
Raws in hand watch for vans and cars with reflectors
Betcha couldn't live a day in rivers place its true prints
Runnin and jumpin gates for petty pay in some new kicks (damn)
We only barbecuing but they shutting shit down
Whats the meaning of this? Fresh fits I gotta get down (naw)
Check out my .44 speed a street athlete
Desean when I run what em pass through all the backstreets
Eagle in the bushes, the stash is in the black jeep
Riskin my life for plenty cash you wanna attack me
Lost em another lesson learned less concerned with po po's
Scales weighing these ounces of yayo check out my logo
Fresh demin clean in them jeans bet his rack up
Serving fiends my beam insuring they won't act up
17 my dream was pushin in back of a mack truck
Police sirens they intervien this shit dont add up


[Verse 3:GunPlay]
Started with just a dolla
Pistol got popped way before a collar
Thank god for baking soda water and powder
Im drinking until I see the bottom of the bottle
I take it personal persecuting my persona
I made something happen with nada
If we all was involved then we all split the wad up
Lazy than a mothafucka for gwap I got up
Past hazy than a mothafucka forgot who I shot up
We Charlie Sheen winning yeah
But peanut ain't here so I dont really care
I try to burn the clutch every time I shift a gear
My nigga same ol shit different year
I paint it for you vivid clear
How real I keep it thats the biggest secret
But you hating too hard for you to even peep it
My climb to the top was the steepest
My gear was the cheapest
Meek shall inherit the earth I was the meekest

Please dont let me go
Please dont let me go
Please dont let me go


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