TOK - Oh My [paroles]

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TOK - Oh My

Paroles: Oh My


Juggle fi mi

Bubble fi mi

Set it fi mi, oh my god
Fling it paw mi

Stick it paw mi

Tak it paw mi oh my god
Kotch it paw mi

Drop it paw mi

Yo got it paw mi

Oh my god
Giggle fi mi

Bubble fi mi

Meck mi love yo pon hi
(Verse 1)

Gyal yo fi dash it up

Dash it up

Split like banana

This a no bicycle yuh a ride pon catana

Fling hi pon the road like water in a the corner

Da thing deh weh yo got a man dweet like a former

Wait, hold on deh listen to the drama

Some gyal a braod out but meck dem know yo body broader

Yuh have up the style weh get mi hotter than Asana

So wine up yo body like yo waan fi meck a daughter
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2)

How yuh a gwan like yuh cyaa wine mi know yuh a ginal

Yo con bwoy nuff and theft weh yo criminal

Mi interesting caw yo style dem original

Sit down meck yo feel international

Bubble slow mi gyal and meck yo body start jump

Meck a dash money paw yo like a name Donal Trunk

Dash it out mi gyal yo well hot up and pump

Mi waan yo kptch when the bass line pump
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 3)

Wine fast or slow gyal while mi a beat drum

Bruk speed limit and a fly over speed bump

Wine up yo body my girl till yo knees num

Wooy mi heart need fi reap up

Bring it over here, sit down pon chair

When wi a couple up wi a the perfect peer

When yuh start bubble yeh mi haffi draw near

A yuh have up the body a the air
(Repeat Chorus)