Tommy Lee Sparta - No Chance [paroles]

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Tommy Lee Sparta - No Chance

Paroles: No Chance

No God on Earth can save you tonight
Anywhere you deh we come take away your life
Yo Namin', ya cornmeal porridge
Ask every bloodclaat soup bout' me
Mi, Evil mi name, mi name Evil

[Verse 1]
You nuh bad youth because you nuh have a choice
Not a berrita, you cyaa make rise
Not a skull, you pop like pepper-light
Cyaa diss no man pon the Sparta side
A di house pon the hill a that get you bad
Suh you go lay down and roll wid funny Gad
Good, good, Jahmiel turn gully Bad
Suck you mother you nuh bad
Go one side meck mi step cross and kill out the Gully
Buss one in a the sky, you got to die
You get it? Got to die
You get it? You funny!
Got to die
Him marrow fly
Alkaline you too bloodclaat lie
Mi sure seh you never buss a gun yet
Bout you have four rifle a lean up pon wall
And a wait fi ready fi make step
You too bomboclaat lie
Anytime you ready bomboclaat try
You naw do not a bomboclaat crime
A bare brata pon you bomboclaat mind

No angels on earth cyaa save you tonight
No God on earth cyaa protect you life

(Verse 2)
Badman dawg
Sparta, fully evil
Wi go anyweh in a the world go murder people
When the macky ring in a you ears it go suh
When dem fi do crime dem belly just a go suh
Dawg, no where no far suh wi never tek long
Hell open up and burn the fake bad
Pare evil mi let lose pon the land
Purge mi a purge, mi just kill the first one
Ride up pon the yeng, yeng, kick the kick stand
Ten mi go give him out a the 6-pants
In-front a family blood catch you infant
King Kelly give Jahmiel infection pon him tongue

You nuh bad
Not a crime dem naw do
Dem bwoy deh nuh bad
No dem nuh bad
No, no, dem nuh bad

[Verse 3]
Pare hallow point mi have fi the rass come
Rise up the rifle shoot the God down
Lock-down Jamaica, shoot down the sun
No where fi hide, dem haffi hide under ground
You a go dead fi the bomboclaat word a you tongue
And the lose meditation you a hold
Seh dem nuh have a chick nor a child
Nor a care in this world
That mean a bare man you waan roll

Mi nuh hype wid mi friend dem gun
Mi buy dem and send dem round
Berrita stormy left the place dry
When rain fall from pure dark sky

[Verse 4]
Murder the bloodclaat dread caw him time expire
Anyweh mi si him bare gunshot a fire
Cut out you belly wid a big gatire
And roll out you tripe pon a roll a bob-wire
Dem a get no burial, no funeral
Nothing you fi get, no hospital
Nothing what a situation critical
Not even Jesus cyaa come yah suh come create a miracle

[Verse 5]
A who send dem
Yeah man the killy weh ready you waan dead again
You meck the rass boost you and give you Supligen
Shot in a you lox blood red, coloring
Teacher send fi uncle demon
Seh fi rise every gun, rise every media
Send couple grenade fi kill couple man
Mi fling one a court house and couple station
Always have it pon me
All in a the crowd
Straight out a mi bed
Shot buss in a you belly and in a yo face
The one shot weh miss you go round the corner go kill a man
That mean it ricochet

No angels on earth cyaa save you tonight
No God on earth cyaa protect you life