Tony yayo - Bloody xmas [Lyrics/Paroles]

Tony yayo - Bloody xmas

Bloody xmas Lyrics / Paroles

Ya niggas know what it is nigga [x4]

4 moshbergs, 5 45's
2 g5's, 6 groupies and they all wanna fly
10 darkies, 10 roseys, 10 groupies
5 niggas so that's 5 menages
23 wraps, 33 bluts, 43 bags of that poison dabbin nigga
100 niggas strapped, 100 niggas with a 100 macs
100 hats my bloods il carve a nigga
50 pair of louies, 50 pair of gucci's
50 pair of pradas I done seen more shoes than foot doctors
2 hermee scarves tecs 22's bought
Leave you 6 feet deep another gangsta play the part
Ladi dodi we like to party
4-10 on my waist they ain't searched my body
Tony yayo I'm a cocaine rap star
I make 10 off a 1 from bogatar

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