Tony yayo - Orange and black caviar

Orange and black caviar Lyrics / Paroles

Uh el chapo
Keep raining on these niggas
Yea, yea, yea

Pablo burned a mill to keep his daughter warm
Till the day that I die keep that armour on
Mexican connect, us border prone
4 ounces of afghan I'm in the zone
I smoke weed like cigarettes
Louie vatonne fatigues a nigga fresh
At your door like fed ex with the suit on
Bernard delli p1 leave you on your lawn
So clean I make your girl have an orgasm
You a germ homie a micro organism
I flow with precession I'm on my p's and q's
I shred mc's like stallone in rambo 2

[Chorus: x2]
Ornage and black caviar
El chapo 18 cars
A lil drug money never hurt nobody
A lil drug money never hurt nobody

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