Tony yayo - Preach on [Lyrics/Paroles]

Tony yayo - Preach on

Preach on Lyrics / Paroles

Black friday nigga
Yea it's the unit it's the kid yayo
Ain't nobody loyal, the fiends ain't loyal
That nigga buck ain't loyal
Fuck my industry ain't loyal
Ain't nobody loyal in this rap shit man
Crack shit dope shit on this whole game man
But it is what it is

Who put this shit together nigga me
The guns I got should be in scarface 3
Oops I skipped 2 niggas they extort you
For icing on a cake and pieces of that candle
I keep a gun the streets is dumb
Cause these homies treat life like a piece of gum
It's a black friday, watch time go fast
My nigga turn in his grave if I don't blast

Police killed with they flashlights just another homo
R.I.p to that nigga kenny lazzo
These fiends ain't loyal you get knocked on a humble
Get yo ass ate up ny like a jungle
The strong survive eat the weak
So my gun got more shells than easter week
I used to go to the church and let the preacher speak
And tell em all of my sins when my soul was weak
Preach on

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