Tony yayo - Tattoo [paroles]

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Tony yayo - Tattoo

Paroles: Tattoo

I know some black... stones in LA
Great street niggers crib nigger in a bay
GT... in Chicago
... caught me slipping at...
Bitches love money
Smoking on that chees
Drinking on that honey
Grab bottom
... Luis hit the jazz
All this temptation got me trippin now the devil steps
14... 2 left
... me and... go together like...
... tear drops in your mother tissue

If you are a killer put a tattoo on your face
Your color body put a tear drop on your face
You're a gangsta? Put a tattoo on your face
Real riders got tattoos any place

Move... the serenade the street corner
He is sweet you better have a thing on you
... I hit you with the... from a cop named...
Adolescence... from Taliban
Mt best friend died he tattooed his name on me
A reminisce every time I blow...
She extraordinary wear... I'm in a space ship
Rolls wills cover up I'm about to double up
To triple up watch a pimp get his bitches up
Feel me
Two tear drop that's the double...