Too Short - 19,999

19,999 Lyrics / Paroles

I fuck 19,999 bitches, bitches
I fuck 19,999 bitches
I'm on you, Wilt!
20,000 bitches 20,000 bitches
If I fuck one more!
20,000 bitches 20,000 bitches
Wilt Chamberlain, ho!

I met your momma, had a pool party
All the nasty little things she would do for me
If I told you, you probably wouldn't feel me though
But your momma was in the Cocktales video
More hoes than your favorite MC
If you find a motherfucker that's hating on me
It's about some pussy
Cause I won't stop pimping
Real player with a whole lot of women!
Lil sis just left for me
Ex-girlfriends is my specialty
She do doing things you would never believe
I fucked her so good will she ever leaves!
Short Dog, I'm a watch dog
Two bitches in the bed, gonna gonna rock hard
When TMZ had me running from the cop car
I had four naked bitches at the spa, boy!


You say I'm lying, I say you hating
It's a fact, it's no debating!
The shit happened, it's done
If you don't know your daddy
Then you might be my son!
Your momma been an all-star weekend
Super-ball Sunday, a fight or the freaknik
Spring break, girls going wild
Ask Maury, are you my child?
No, I'm not the father
Yeah, I fucked her, but never caught her
20 years later, I did it to her daughter
Fucked her in the car that you bought her
You couldn't be a better parent than me
Not even if you fucked everyday of the week
I know you think you got it like that, repeat
Wilt Chamberlain, ain't got shit on me!


Remember when you seen me out in Detroit?
You were rearing on a ho, a bunch a D boys
Surrounded by all that pro
I know one of them hoes had to be your girl
At the derby in Kentucky
I had rich white women wantin' to fuck me
And I party hard on Mardi Grass
Ten bitches every night, I did it, oh!
I did Ashley's, Keisha's, Erica's
And it wasn't only hoes in America
I had more in London, a few in France
I didn't want to leave when I flew to Japan
I got bitches for all ethnicities
Still callin', saying how they're missing me
But they know, ain't no change in him
AKA Wilt Chamberlain!


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