Paroles: Best Of You // Busted - SKIT

Even though I wanna see
How you put that thang on me
I can't let you, best of me
Lips are tellin' me yes, yes
Kissin' on my neck, neck
Should I stay? Should I go?
I don't know
Your hot boy style drivin' me wild

I chop trees in a wrap and get high
We go back like four flats on the ride
Put the Ds on the 'Lac when I slide
Baby, ooh, you got time for a youngin' like me
'Cause I flex, Amiri jean, white tee
And I know in the back of my mind
I'm way too wavy for you not to cosign
Wait, I got options on the phone
And wait, you done caught me all alone and playin' games
Ain't my style and you good at drivin' me wild

Lips are tellin' me yes (Yes)
Kissin' on my neck (My neck)
Should I stay? (Should I stay?)
Should I go? (Should I go?)
Lips are tellin' me yes (Yes)
Kissin' on my neck (My neck)
Should I stay? (Should I stay?)
Should I go? (Should I go?)

Have you twisted like a rolled J
When you leave here lovin' my taste
If you get caught up in the flame
Just don't be actin' crazy
I won't play with your emotions
When I go in and I throw it back
I don't hold back
And I'm just sayin' them hoes can't handle
So what if we stay in the moment for too long?
'Cause really feelings be takin' over, way too strong
Ooh, if I hit it one time
Ooh, then it's gonna end up mine
And oh, if I get it twice, fuck around
Change your last name and your whole life

Lips are tellin' me yes (Yes)
Kissin' on my neck (My neck)
Should I stay? (Should I stay?)
Should I go? (Should I go?)
Lips are tellin' me yes
Kissin' on my neck
Should I stay?
Should I go?

For you, you, you
You take it all, you take it all
Take it all, you take it all
For you, you, you
Oh, oh
Take it all, you take it all

Yo, that part of the movie when he swing off the buildin' and save the girl, that shit was fire

I'm telling you. Haha, it's fire. So fire

Yo, I'm glad I came here

Me too

I'm not gonna lie, I kinda like this little thing we got goin' here

Yeah, I ain't gonna lie

Oh shit. Is that Jalissa?
No, no, turn around, turn around


Hide me, nigga

Yo? Yo

It's over, it's over

Yeah, surprise, motherfucker
What's up Tory? How you doin'?
Been a long fuckin' time, right? Yeah, I know

Yo, what you here for? Like, why you even here, man?

So, Leah, you wanna tell him? Or should I tell him? 'Cause I'll tell him right now

Oh my gosh

Tell me what?

Shut up, nigga. Uh, Leah?


Girl. Cat got your tongue?
Okay, so I'ma let this nigga know what happened
So this is what it is
We set you up


Yeah, I paid this bitch
Yeah, 500 dollars outta my pocket to boost your little fuckin' ego up

Tory, it's, it's not like that. I swear it's not like that, Tory

And drop you, like you tried to do me back in the day


Ah! You tight. So, in the good words of my brother, Maxwell, "How does it feel?"

You're so extra

Yeah, nigga, you tight. I know you're tight

But Leah, that's what you really try to do? Try to play me like I'm one of these suckers?

I really didn't, I didn't. I just...

Yeah, nigga, walk on. Fuck outta here, ha!

I got it. I got it

Tory, wait, wait. Jalissa, stop!

Ah, Leah, let's go, we don't fuck with this nigga
Leah, girl, let's go

No, Jalissa, I'm done with this. I'm done

What? So walk off with this nigga too
You a bird. He a bird. Y'all are birds together

Yeah, yeah, whatever

Fuck outta here

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