Paroles: Jalissa's Back! - SKIT

This nigga better answer the phone

This nigga's not answerin’ his phone for this bitch

He know what time it is

Come on, girl

Hold on


Turn it down a little bit
Yo, what's good? Tory

Nah, I'm just playing
Yo, leave it at the beep

Gotcha, dumb ass (Oh my God)

Yo, it’s Jalissa
I know you let your crusty ass phone ring and go to voicemail
And I'ma just take it as you don't got my number saved in that new phone of yours
You not low, nigga
This is not no lil' rumor no more
Everybody know you comin' back to the city so I don't know why you tryna hide from me, Tory

Tell him we gon' throw him a surprise party (Yeah, a surprise party?)

Yeah, we're gonna throw you a surprise party (Yes)
I’m gonna be there (Bitch, it’s litty), Keisha's gonna be there (It’s lit)
And Keisha's sister's gonna be there too (Don't tell him I’m gonna be there)
We're gonna make you feel real invited (Real life)
Welcome back, Tory, welcome back

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

This nigga got me fucked up, fuck outta here (Haha)

Head ass
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