Tory Lanez - The Fargo Splash (feat. Ludacris)

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Tory Lanez - The Fargo Splash (feat. Ludacris)

Tory Lanez

The Fargo Splash

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Paroles - lyrics: The Fargo Splash

They want it now and fast
Grabbin' and smackin' ass
You gotta make it last
What? (Fuck me)
Oh, oh, oh, say it (Make love to me)
Oh, oh, oh, say it

Got these bitches hatin' on you, but it don't offend you
You my number one, just know that you got no contenders
You keep that pussy so clean when I be goin' in
I'd spend my life in your box, don't need no codefendant
Go 'head, cut these niggas off like they have no existence
They can't go the distance, I'm oh-for-oh for instance
Fuck the gym, let me pull up and give that stroke of fitness
She a five-star shawty, still down to go for Denny's
Down to go for Wendy's
McDonald's chicken fries, thickest thighs
Seen it in her eyes, shawty know I know I seen her
Netflix and chill, and we can go to dinner
My schedule busy, but for you, girl, I'll make no agenda
You got no contenders
You kept it hot for me all in my cold Decembers
No pretendin'
Don't be trippin' on these niggas that you lovin' on
You gon' fuck 'em, treat 'em like you don't remember
Ooh, I need to have it 'til the day you gone
That's from January to December

Whatever you want
More than happy to provide it
Wet like Poseidon
Whatever you want (Yeah)
Oh, shawty, don't you deny it
It feel like we flyin'
Whatever you want (You want, you want)
You know I can provide it

Pullin' up to Story after Mr. Jones (Oh)
Only thing I care about is who gon' get you home
My cigar full of this weed so I can switch the tone
We stumble to my house drunk, is anybody home?
Words slurrin' and my vision blown, different zone
Room spinnin', I don't know
Unzip my pants and get to blowin', you so nasty
Then what's up with me?
You stayed up tonight to fuck with me
Mmh, lucky me
Gucci panties, sit that pussy on some double G's
Fifty pairs of those'll only cost a couple G's, yeah
Just give me something to work with
Something with purpose
First time that we fucked, girl, you was nervous
Moanin' 'fore I even started touchin' the surface
Whatever you want

Whatever you want, hah
Whatever you want if you that quiet, shit

She want it now and fast
Grabbin' and smackin' ass, make it last
Beat me to the finish, wave the checkered flag
Toe tag, left the pussy on a deathbed
Been milkin' the game since I was breastfed
Long enough to know that women with lisps give the best head
But not with braces
Your pussy talking's the only conversation, yap, yap
Grab her hair, pull her track back
Got somethin' to prove
Not from Houston but I got somethin' to screw at all times
She said it's all mine
All dimes, y'all fuck with nickels
I be in them guts, pokin' them sides until it tickles
Squeeze the Charmin on her soft ass
No, I don't pay 'em to come, I pay 'em to go, ho
No credit, all cash (Ching)
Be slidin' up and use a worthful transaction
And then just hop up off my dick with no attachments
Usin' prophylactics (Hah)
Safe to say this song is whatever you want
But it's limited to this penis and a blunt
Holler at me, Luda

Whatever you want (You want)
More than happy to provide it
Wet like Poseidon
Whatever you want (Yeah)
Oh, shawty, don't you deny it
It feel like we flyin'
Whatever you want (Ooh, it's whatever you want)
You know I can provide it (I can provide it)
Ooh, yeah, yeah

I'm 'bout to throw some game
They both one and the same
Cupid's the one to blame
Say it (Whatever you need)
I'm 'bout to shed some light
'Cause each and every night
You gotta do it right (Right)
(Whatever you want)
I'm 'bout to throw some game
They both one and the same
Cupid's the one to blame, say it

Aight, I'ma holler at you, yo

Yo, what up?

What's poppin'?

Yo, you still with Leah?

Shit, nah, it's crazy, she just left out the car and shit

You hit?

Nigga, of course I hit, nigga, come now, man, it's me

Hahaha, wazzup?



Wazzup? Hahaha

Nigga stupid, bruh, yo, all jokes asides
What the fuck did I call this nigga for again?
Oh yeah
You sure, you sure Leah and Jalissa ain't friends?

Oh, for sure
They don't even fuck with each other like that
She was in the car talkin' 'bout it and shit

Yeah, aight
Well, yo, look
Nigga, we was up in the barbershop the other day (Uh-huh)
Smokin' blunts, drinkin' liquor (Yeah)
Shootin' dice, talkin' shit

Aight, my nigga, I get it
What, like what you tryna tell me, bro? What's good?

Well, yo, my mans was tellin' me, bro
Jalissa? She up to some shit
And the first thing she gon' try to do is

Nyce, get off this damn phone (Fuck)
I told you I had to use the phone, you up here bumpin' your gums
Hang up this phone

Ayy, yo, man, you know moms wildin' and shit
Man, you know what I'm sayin', it's all good (I know, I feel you)
I'ma holler at you later, bruh

Aight, my nigga



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