Tracy T - Money & Sex (ft. Maybaxh Hot) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Tracy T - Money & Sex (ft. Maybaxh Hot)

Money & Sex Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook x4]
Money and sex, that's all they talk about
Money and sex, that's all they care about

Sex + money = prostitution
Nowadays, that's what everybody's doin'
If you don't wanna do it, then you keep it movin'
HIV & AIDS will get'cha life ruined
Sex isn't everything and so is money
You're damn right I said it, don't look at me funny
Sex isn't love unless it's made properly
Your loved one's like a house, he or she's your property
Work hard for the money, don't steal it
Shoutout to the ones who truly feel it
Sex and money, everybody want 'em
If you don't want kids, then you better use a condom
Minimize your wants, maximize your needs
Never be a failure, survive and succeed
A person wants too much, I just call it greed
Live your life cause tomorrow's not guaranteed

[Hook x4]

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