Trae Tha Truth - Slugs (ft. Young Thug)

Slugs Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Young Thug & Trae tha Truth]
Young nigga taking off on them percs
Young nigga putting in that work
Young nigga let that chopper do the murking
Don't know broski but I leave him in the dirt
Young nigga throwing up their sets
Us niggas running through these checks
Hundred jam I still no flex
[?] I'm just running through a check
I'm on that same thing, look at this change man
I'm just running through a muhfuckin' check dawg
Give me my change man this ain't no game man
Look how this chain hang
And he ran through a muhfuckin' check dawg

[Verse 1: Trae tha Truth]
Chasing this check I'm not talking athletics but I keep my money in lockers
If I make the call just know I got young shooters who ride like American choppers
They hustle for [?] in the kitchen they cooking the food [?]
Don't let a coke dealer but for the right paste they perscribe Actavis like a Doctor
Drop this what I call it [?] rubber
Chopper disconnected like it's not together
It's the truth [?] I am not a feather
I just hold these [?] like I'm Roc-A-Fella
If your leeches [?] I am not the seller
She can be with me it's what I'm not to tell her
[?] like I'm a acapella
If she here for [?] I am not that fella
Give me my chicken if not a minute later
Swingers I'm tippin' I should've been waiter
[?] cause everything is Gaitor

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