Trav - 1 Thing [Lyrics/Paroles]

Trav - 1 Thing

1 Thing Lyrics / Paroles


First thing when I wake up, 1 thing I’m reminded

First thing when I wake up, Yeah


A ho gon be a ho, I cannot change a bitch

Smoke so much loud I don’t hear a thing

Family in my ear like “when you gon get rich?”

Been so used, I don’t feel the same

Niggas say they [?], what they gon do to me

Bust so many guns, I’m so ready man

I live my life like it’s just two of me

I use these drugs, I don’t feel a thing

[Verse 1]

Lil nigga told him stick to a [?], if we ain't talking money then I ain’t a part

Took a nigga’s shirt [?] by the way apart

Give a nigga head shots, closed coffin

Switch it up, 2pac the way I hit it up

Lent a nigga 20 grand, watch his head bust

I rap nigga and I slap niggas

A trap nigga and I slap niggas

Disrespectful young little black nigga

Never had shit, but I wish I had a bad bitch

With a bad whip and a mansion

Beyonce fiancée

With a AK whole non tray and a Hampton

Told my niggas we gon make it just hold on

The other niggas they here but we gon show em off

Imma keep rapping, let it prolong

Niggas sneak dissing, watch em all go soft

You too, niggas is talking in the ear so I bluetooth

Shots to the head, bloom bloom em

Who shot em? Who do? Who shot him? Who knew?

Niggas talking tough but we do this

Niggas talking tough but we do this

Niggas talk that shit but we prove it


[Verse 2]

Go tell em

The rap game [?] for shit

Just cause everybody be moving they lips don’t mean they rap nigga

Every nigga with gun don’t mean it clap niggas

Every nigga with a pack don’t mean he trap nigga

Tryna make a couple million off a rack nigga

When I pull up in your crib, where it’s at nigga?

Money bag Royce, niggas know we clap niggas

Real niggas, we don’t fuck with rat niggas

Rolling, whip stolen, all my niggas is with me and we holding

You want to [?]?

All the bad bitches, fucking all them

Let me out the kitchen, going all in

Choppers on deck, call em “do this shit”

Gun don’t matter, move the shit

40 off the top, that’s an Uzi bitch

I been looking for the bad hoes, coolest

Stace dash, low learning

I been looking for the hoes just so I can fuck em

I’m get this money out this motherfucker

Dolante West, young balling motherfucker

Motherfucker, did you get that?

The young boys gone, put the shit back

I love playing bitches, I love hoes

I like money, I like drawers


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