Travis Barker - Cuz I'm Famous

Cuz I'm Famous Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro] (X2)
Girl, where ya' goin' (where ya' goin')

[Verse 1: Paul Wall]
Paul Wall, Two cups, hold up
I pull up on them thangy thangs, sitting crooked
They watch me like a Laker game, I caught ya' lookin'
Cup purple like the Laker game, extra muddy
With a middle finger up in the air, up to everybody who judgin'
If you talkin' down then you need to kill that shit abruptly
Walk up in this motherfucker like, "Fuck you, double cut me,"
Listen bro, trust me, it's the dough that make them lust me
They'd rather be with me because your rusty jewelry is dusty
I (?) up in this Mountain Dew, leaning off the DJ (?)
(?) yeah I keep a few, I'm fresher than the morning news
Prada shades, exclusive view, Italian shoes, I gotta slew
If ya' think I ain't the shit, then bitch you must be sniffin' glue
Fuchsia is my favorite hue, and codeine is the cause (hold up)
I change my cars everyday, like I'm changing drawers
I swear to God I hate you haters like I hate the laws
(?) boxing with your broad, got kush smoke out my exhaust

[Hook] (X2)
Girl, where ya' goin, who ya' came with, what your name is
I know you trackin', cause I'm famous, cause I'm famous
Keep the chrome on my waist bitch, ain't gon' say shit
Riding around in my spaceship, man I'm wasted

[Verse 2: Hopsin]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yo, yo
Critics telling me I rap too foul
I throw them off like a gap-toothed smile
When I dropped raw, I dropped bars in 2013 and I'm coming in with a brand new sound
Who the hell got something to say?
How many fake motherfuckers am I crushing today?
I'm trying to (?)
Eat up or my stomach will ache
(?) rub in your face
Can we all just get along?
To me, I get a little violent
Niggas be wil'in', talking a gang of shit when I ain't lookin'
But when I see them they stay silent
Why is the world filled with a whole bunch of morons?
I'm in the middle feeling trapped like I'm Zordon
I know it's a cold planet but fuck it I'm still chilling with my sandals and shorts on
Making a fortune, watching whores cum, fucking them raw make them get abortions
"Here's a line of cocaine, you should snort some!"
I'm the new rapper brainwashing your son
I'm just trying to make everything more fun
See, I do this strictly out of boredom
So I guess I'm like every other rapper making some bullshit
Just so you can buy it and give me more funds
Fuck those niggas, I'm much more iller
Every couple of seconds my nuts grow bigger
When I get spotted by women they get the itching to hop on Twitter so they can upload pictures
I'm usually willing to give it up, go figure
I got a girl, so I just don't give a fuck
Hop into your car and blast it, for the bars of madness are far from average
I'm famous bitch!

[Hook] (X2)

[Verse 3: Yelawolf]
They done let that killer out the cage, give me the keys Forrest
Catfish Billy got a pump shotgun, shells full of that (?)
Cowboy boot-kick motherfuckers to the floor because I'm bored as fuck
Coors to crush, cans to crack, (?) to rush, jam packed
Brother work hard, more to look than looking, (?) is lucky to know me
Buddy I'm an alcoholic, and a workaholic
I'ma work a (?), paint on a canvas
Also, (?) with a (?) bucket, full of mossy green
Dammit, camouflage on the beat
I done lost my team, I'm hard to manage
Let me put it to you simple, I own this fucking house
I'm a pioneer, these are just my clones that are popping out
I must've been abducted when I was in Alabama
Me and swamp fox, I swear I saw it
Changing channels, looking for Dukes of Hazzard
Between Rap City and Dixie Flags
I don't know if I'm fishin', huntin' or puttin' tags on bass and bucks
Mountin' or roundin' the fuckin' masses, into a lake
So they can take a public bath in
Subjects that I intertwine with lines with such a (?)
Get double bagged by MCs, haters they chuckle, laugh and choke
It's such a gaff to me
I fill a machete with critic croaks, suck on that
(?) dope, unpoppin' it's bubble wrap, folks
It ain't been this abusive since that single that Bubba had, nope

[Hook] (X2)

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