Trey Songz - Look @ Y'all [paroles]

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Trey Songz - Look @ Y'all

Paroles: Look @ Y'all

Bring that mic

You see I’m bout to talk a little crazy

Make sure it’s no children around, no old folks

And I’m usually really respectful

It’s just

It’s just I had to do it

Nigga told me come get yall

Aha! Uh
Look at yall pitiful, typical, living with some bitches call yo sister you don’t even know


Look look, look at yall bitches

Look, look look

Aha, look at yall worn out whored out, slut out, pussy walls tore out

All yall bitches

Look look

Just look at yall bitches

Look look
Tell me she want some red bottoms, give her little head

Got em, no problem, take a little trip

Leave yo kids home while you get a little dick

Tight bitch, thinkin you slick

Tryna get rich off a nigga like me, type a bitch

Know my real niggas gon' like this shit

They gon' love this shit, they gon' rock this shit

They like Nicki she didn't even have to drop this shit

But I got this shit, you can ask my clique

How many pretty bitches kicked out this bitch?

She just wanna pick with a nigga up

In the same minute that what she a be us

Talkin bout Trigga when we getting up

You know it’s been a minute since we really fucked

Get it up quick type a bitch, in the whip type a bitch

She don’t leave a drip then you kiss that bitch

Type a bitch
Look at yall bitches

These hoes crazy, I swear out here

Sellin nasty dreams, frontin like queens but it ain’t what it seem

Watch out for that

Type a bitch

I done seen these hoes jump table to table tellin fibs and favors

Look at yall bitches

These hoes ain’t yours, these hoes ain’t mine

Nigga these hoes is bout design

Look at yall bitches
And I ain’t through wit yall bitches

Ain’t nothing to do wit yall bitches

I hit a couple yall bitches then I’m through wit yall bitches

Uh uh my bitches

She like who is you talkin you? Crazy

Shit is it you that I’m talkin to baby?

These bitches be broke and these bitches be crazy

These bitches be broke and these bitches be lazy

Girl you get yo money on yo own

And you ain’t let a nigga do it

That’s when you can tell me that yo chrome

What you think a nigga stupid?

Look at yall just turned dyke ass hoes

And you used to be like that hoes

Look at yall back, fiendin bitches

Never get a penny if you aks me bitches

Waitin on a nigga to come save you bitches

Aks God oh Lawd why he made these type of bitches

Tell me where yo daddy go

I just wanna know

Who raised these type of bitches

Man I hate these kind of bitches

And if you’re a good girl

Don’t be trippin, I ain’t talkin bout you

Talkin bout these bitches
No disrespect at all to my women or them ladies that carry themselves

I don’t like these bitches

Know I ain’t talkin to you girl, me I’m on

Talkin bout these bitches

And I hate that I had to be so vulgar

Talkin bout these bitches

It’s just when I heard this shit

I mean like I felt like an incredible time to say what’s on my mind

Nicki wussup?

I love you baby




Uh uh
Aha (x5)