Trina - Fuck Love [paroles]

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Trina - Fuck Love

Paroles: Fuck Love

[Verse 1: Trina]
Fuck love, what's that?
You fuckin' round, then coming back
No time for games, I've got a plane to catch
I don't want the ring if it ain't meant
I'm tryna make this love thing work
Next minute I'd be thinking you've got a curve
This nigga got nerve
Tryina play me for a bird
I don't want this shit, you can keep that purse
You can keep that whip, you can have that bitch
You'll never find another 10-caramel skin with the right tan
I don't fuck with the hype man
So stop hyping shit like it's still the first night, damn
Being being that you hit it, 'bout 100 times
From the room to the kitchen like one more round
When I used to the dishes you was all up in it
Now you wanna act different

[Hook: Tory Lanez]
You're tryna give a nigga tough love
But shawty know I give enough love
So mama if you keep this up love
Then you gon' have me saying "fuck love"
Fuck love, fuck love, fuck love
Girl you have me saying "fuck love"
Fuck love, fuck love
Girl you have me saying

[Verse 2: Trina]
Hold up! Hold up! Hold up!
All these rich niggas know me
I was in the benz, so drop drop
A hundred bands on a trophy
Talking 'bout who you want I'm in the new Leron
And this king size is where you belong
And we argued I tell you was wrong
And I fucked around and tried to lose it all
But I-I showed up right back here
Late night for the night cap here
Take flight for the night back here
Fuck around and get it right back here
No one calling up, no one calling up
Cause you gon' follow us
Cause when you fuck with me
You know what's all enough


All that I want is you
Can't let you go, can't waste my time
Please don't you tease it
Cause all that I've got to tell you
Is that all I want is you