Trinidad James - 78 Cleveland (ft. 31) [paroles]

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Trinidad James - 78 Cleveland (ft. 31)

Paroles: 78 Cleveland


They wanna know James, who you do it for?

I tell 'em for my friends, and my family

And a fuck nigga that's fanzyn me

Dat me up, but they can't stand me

Cause I be pain in out here, mane

Wearin' that shit they be scared of, what?!? I can't

I know you can't, nigga, I'm original

Started from grade A, that nigga official, man

I said welcome to my life, a life that you ain't livin'

This shit I hear is struggle, single mothers with they children

The homeless in the millions, a nigga say sign me

And now you think you winnin', but you signed your life to him

And a famous man raped her, a scentless cat sent it

A tinted two sided glass so you can see in it

This life I hit is scary, you gotta keep your head on

That's 78 Cleveland when I used to head home

Listening to my head phone, bumpin Biggie #3

Feelin' dead wrong that I wasn't close to my Uncle E

That't dead and gone, met the nigga once, and didn't speak,

Man, I was young, mane. Yappin'

Put yo family first, I'm speakin' from experience

Just hit 'em when you need 'em, cause a fuck nigga move

Felt it but don't believe it, there ain't much to believe in

I'm just givin' you a reason, James

I know it ain't much to believe in, mane

Niggas hate on you for anything

Most niggas don't like you

This bitch don't like you, fo' what?!?! I don', I don't

I don't know why, ykwis, but it is what it is

You ain't gotta like me, ykwis but you won respect me,

At least in my face shit is

You can do whateva you want around my back

You know what I'm talkin' bout?

Bitch! Straight up!

Aye, CC Yungin up and bout it

Givin' niggas the business

Known for trafficking bells

But I did my thang in that kidure

A bunch of niggas wit me, and er'body got bangles

My yung niggas out here blooded, they twitchin' up, they fangless

My otha part they creepin'

Neighborhood that heal gang, MPA yo army

Yeah, me and Duke, we still hanging', aye, look

I'm from the projects, you can head out of my godlick

I'mma country nigga wit a pistol on me

I fir the call, I can't hide that

Got a firth to pistol, don't fall back

Chasing it for my ball back

What's up with that mouth dope?

You suckin' dick? Don't call back

My main bitch's got a main bitch and she got a bitch

The one I fuck with

My side bitch a lil' jeni, though, cause she got a bitch that she fuck too

These stereo-phones don't like the way I do live

Excuse me while I search to find a fuck to give

Praise to the almighty, alessy lessy I

Whacha know about ionite, jaw, rastafarian

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