Triple c's - Gangsta shit (feat. game & b-rock agee) [paroles]

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Triple c's - Gangsta shit (feat. game & b-rock agee)

Paroles: Gangsta shit

Attention, This is a Gangsta service anncement, fuck niggaz, Get your ass off the Dance floor, make room for the Muthafucking Gangstaz,

Gangsta Gangsta Gangsta, Gangsta Gangsta Gangsta, Gangsta Gangsta Gangsta, yo this from a thug in da club with a stap, right off bring the gangsta shit back, this for da dawgs gettin money with da packs, Right off bring the Gangsta shit back, Raido rappers on R& B tracks, Right off bring the Gangsta shit back, Niggas talk cause they know they want clap, right off bring the gangsta shit back

[Verse 1: The Game]
I was at patron in with the G's take off da foam and put the Phantom on some D's Ride in Day county Blowin some palm trees can't hit the car booth till dis bitch get off her knees (yeah) doin circles round da circle house black wall pay back nigga well merk u out with no remarks let the goons take it's course hit u with 'M' slide off in da Black Porsh, den it's back to shore club all white lenon, chain looking like staple center like [?] bitch nigga we dem gangstas rich niggaz cocain cowboy work with da 6 figgas, gotta glock 9 real nigga glock 9 Put more Red on the corner den a stop sign walk in da club, more diamonds den a rock sign take a rodeo off show a nigga how 2 stop sign.


[Verse 2:]
Fat Gucci walet, fat gucci called it, heavy and the game, some1 put a the chevy in the game like belly and the game? black magic on the wheels hole dat crackers, hoes shakin nakin in there heels, still butt round, still crack round chevy still fucking witta player blow loud. boy nigga I don't clown, blowwin all loud, strangle in the cround can't turn it down, back on d back on deck, talkin all crazy ain't sayin nuthin yet, pump potrain pillz don't beast it up in here gotta couple hundreds throw like a millianare, muthafuckin town motha fuckin plat! (nigga betta bring dat gangsta shit back.)


[Verse 3: Rick Ross]
Fealin G's enemys eveys my only dream is 2 get a green envy bousi I don't sit well on my audo? I only sit well on my condo I invenst da start black wall street hitten some blocks, bangin down oucnes, black bugger in my ounces, I'm in da house so fuck all da bounces I ran em out so fuck where our house was. I peed the pops soulit ice cube now it's time 2 bleed the block still witta an auitudude, feel dat real niggaz on my lautitude feel dat b g'z on my avenue feel dat but (niggaz betta bring dat gangsta shit back) bro.


[Verse 4:]
Okay, fuck nigga play, catch a chris sountay at the bay couple hundred on stacks plates on my lap triple c's here now gangsta shit back oh wats da plan I ain't with the fuck price on my head? (good) lemme see sumthin, can't be doin nuthin niggaz talkin 2 da game I'm here 2 clean the money out mutha fuckin plan no copt my shoes say I'm wrong with a bitch in my arms still movin past people in the back, but (nigga betta bring dat gangsta shit back) told em.


[Verse 5:]
Straight up nigga we ain't with the fuck shit (NAW) I'm talkin a hundred real niggaz in one click, we dem shit startes gettin brick called us, gettin back from the school it's the brick yard, sweet niggaz still feelin on dem self but I swear dem still pee on dem self, we ain't fuckin with your bubble gum rapper I do it 4 the hustlas the G's the trappers. these sucky ass niggaz ain't street this bust ass niggaz just fuckin up the heat, they don't wanna play gangstas on the raido u haters type a lot of shit but won't say it tho u niggaz bloggin on the website u lil mons, the 5-0 the red type u could find me in the trap with a sack (everyjoins) (cause niggaz better bring dat gangsta shit back!)