Trippie Redd - Black Magic

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Trippie Redd - Black Magic

Trippie Redd

Black Magic

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Paroles - lyrics: Black Magic

[Intro: Trippie Redd & Wiz Khalifa]
A hit, good one Richard
Huh yeah, yeah, yeah

Ayy, woke up one day like fuck it
I feel like turning nothing into something
Get to sliding on these niggas in a bucket
Roll down the window on these niggas, get to dumping (dump)
I don't fuck with these niggas, Uncle Ruckus
I just retaliate, fuck repercussions, I'm stunting
Lil nigga on a pistol, I'm clutching, yeah (fuck it)
Lil nigga know he on a different bracket
My money stretch long, bitch, Mr. Fantastic (yeah)
Known to pull up, nigga, if its static
Roll down the window, nigga, get to clapping (boom)
Yeah, catch your pussy ass out in traffic
You lil niggas always mo'fucking lackin' and slackin' (know we slide)
Yeah, been fire like a dragon
Flying carpets in this bitch, nigga like Aladdin, huh
This a Persian rug, and we drunk in love, lets do fucking drugs, yeah
Put my love above, boolin' with the thugs, diamonds in my slugs (Uh, bitch)
Sippin' on that d’ussé, uh
Shawty do whatever I do say, uh
Big flexing with your boo thang, uh
Yeah I switch cars like my mood swings, woah
I need a whole lotta cash, need a whole lotta cash (I need some money)
I need a whole lotta racks, I need a whole lotta racks
Yeeaah, I need a whole lotta cash, I need a whole lotta cash, uh
Switch cars like my mood swings, hoping that a nigga don't crash
Yeah, but Ima still do the dash, leave a pussy ass nigga in the past
Sonning niggas I'm your dad
Now go tell people where you got your swag

You know where you got it from nigga
You got it from, uh
Big 14, know what the fuck goin' on
Lil, lil bitch
Now I'm done



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