Troy Ave - All About The Money (ft. Young Lito & Manolo Rose)

All About The Money Lyrics / Paroles

DJ’s gonna kill this part
Roofeeo on the beat
Troy Ave make the Cypher complete

[Hook: Manolo]
You never seen nothing like this, splash brothers with the aim
I wish a nigga would boy
A nigga sleeping with your misses
Nigga call me Young 'Melo cause scoring is my shit boy
I’m CP3 cuz I’ll be dishin' and handlin' the rock
Chef cooking with the pot boy
It’s all about the motherfucking money
It’s all about the motherfucking money
It’s all about the motherfucking money
It’s all about the motherfucking money

[Verse 1: Troy Ave]
I be in the hood drop regular
Toilet paper in my Porsche cause I’m shittin’
94th and Willmohr in the kitchen
Cooking birds niggas saying thanks for giving
Arnold Schwarzenegger arm from the whippin’ [2x]
Won’t reply to you niggas sneak dissin’
Suck a dick when you see me know I’m grippin’


[Verse 2: Troy Ave]
No limit to my money I should get a tank
They walk me through the back entering the bank
Base running Aaron so I’m giving hank
That’s a hit had him hit leave the nigga planking
He got six feet, I got six figures
Nothing less but six shot coming off the hip
Life’s a trip, life a gamble, I’m a big chipper
1000 dollar hand wrist glitter bitch nigga


[Verse 3: Young Lito]
More money, more problem B.I.G. said it best
If you got a problem with me better wear a vest
A fully fucking hot slug flying out the Tec
I put a couple hot slugs all in your chest
I be strapped like them white boys that climb rocks
One call I have a nigga in a pine box
Young Lito man I’m known for selling dime rocks
My bitch a dime but I still let a nine pop

[ Hook]

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