Troy Ave - Believe Me (ft. Young Lito) [paroles]

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Troy Ave - Believe Me (ft. Young Lito)

Paroles: Believe Me

[Hook: Troy Ave]
I'm the only one who got the job done
I got the juice now, I could let you borrow some
Here's a couple apples from the saviour of the apple
They ain't believe I wrote about it like the book of Matthew
Now you see, believe me
BSB the brand, I am King T
They just let you down, they ain't [?]
Cook, take a look, where the fuck they be?
Nowhere, magazines no photo there
Name a fuckin' town, they ain't even got a show there
Bunch of bitches round, they ain't even got a ho here
I'm Bruce Lee Troy, yeah the glow here, nigga

[Verse 2: Young Lito]
Uh, It's BSB we right back on that real shit
And were I'm coming talk, homie we come to kill shit
I got a short temper, guess it's just that ville shit
We known to bring out them big guns for lil' shit
So if you see someone in a blanket it ain't Will Smith
But we might be playin' Jada, let's still spit
My heart numb, I don't feel shit
But I'm cooler now, tryna be on some chill shit
But these niggas they just tweak shit
And I don't really do the internet beef shit
[?] my brother, he be on some peace shit
Me I'd rather get the gun and RIP shit
It ain't a secret, nigga we a [?] shit
Fuckin' all the hoes that you wishin' you could sleep with
Nigga you ain't nice, you just half way decent
Never gettin' light, you're career's on a leash bitch
And you niggas dissin', man are you kidding me?
Y'all been rappin' before I lost my virginity
Now I'm rappin' you're tryna feed off my energy
You're a strugglin' rapper, you not my enemy
I mean literally, what the fuck is a
To some young niggas ballin', my nigga am one
"Take that" like Diddy say
Fuck you and your 50k, I kill you niggas any day