Troy Ave - Doo Doo

Doo Doo Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced by Tha Bizness]


To the people who thought I was gonna flop

Ya'll a part of the reason I ain't gonna stop

Against the odds, I went hard until I popped

Came from the bottom and now I'm standing on top

I had dreams and now they all coming true

Put the team in them things, we got a few

Make a scene whenever I be coming through

If you hated just know I'm shitting on you

[Hook: x2]

Dooo di doooo dooo do do, dooo di doooo dooo do do

Dooo di doooo dooo do do, dooo di doooo dooo do do

You a hater just know I'm shitting on you

[Verse 1:]

In the era where people front like who they not

I was fine with being me and movin' blocks

Started rapping about things we really got

First drag, I'm like fuck it I've been hot

From the city that make your heart so cold

For the stories that's gonna go untold

Tellin' time on my Rollie is so gold

Til My grind is motivation when you go


[Verse 2:]

People always tell you what you can and what you can't do

I just get this money and I blow it like a candle

Wax paper full of dope, show you what the grams do

Last line was Lito, shout to my little man too

I'mma buy a 'Rari, I don't want this shit manual

Stick to my calligraphy, become a rap vandal

B$B Troy Ave, got the game handled

New young Shuttlesworth, Jesus in his sandals

Call me Sire, rolling like a tyre

You can't deny I got the streets on fire

Burn baby, burn, I went in to earn

And took mines,while the rest just waiting for they turn

That ain't right, and we ain't left, no one behind

Knowing while you was frontin' we took steps to be great

So as you move past the fake player hate

I'mma still be the man while they ain't, motherfuckers

[Pre-Hook + Hook:]

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